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Drinking Game: Holiday-Themed Beer Pong Tournament

As the festive season unfolds, parties take on a whimsical twist and Reindeer Pong emerges as a palatable yet creative addition to the repertoire of holiday-themed revelry. A spin on the classic beer pong, this game infuses the season's spirit with a touch of goofy charm, transforming the playing table into a picture-perfect holiday scene with everyone sporting goofy reindeer antlers.

Helan Singh

February 02, 2024


1. Setting Up

Arrange cups on a table in the shape of reindeer antlers or a Christmas tree, filling them with a festive drink like Johnnie Walker for enthusiasts or Gordon’s tonic water for those abstaining from alcohol, setting the stage for a spirited game.


2. The Twist: Antlers

Elevate the festive spirit by having everyone don reindeer antlers, Santa hats, elf headbands, or even full Rudolph costumes. Split into teams with creative names like ‘jingle ballers’ and ‘hysterical hollies,’ setting the tone for a fun-filled competition.


3. The Rules

Simple and familiar – score a cup, and the opposing team indulges in a drink. To amp up the holiday spirit, incorporate hidden sticky notes beneath cups with festive challenges like singing a melody on helium or sharing a funny yet controversial holiday memory, ensuring engagement for all players.


4. Play Responsibly

While the focus is on fun, Reindeer Pong emphasises responsibility. Enjoy the laughs, camaraderie, and antics, but keep a watchful eye on everyone, ensuring that the revelry remains memorable without crossing the line.


5. Final Thoughts

Reindeer Pong, with its simplicity and festive charm, proves easy to set up and execute. Beyond the competitive edge, it fosters an energetic atmosphere, drawing both players and spectators into the holiday merriment. So, gather the cups, don those antlers, and let the laughter echo through the festivities.