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Festive Hosting: Roll Out Your Ethnic Wear For A Pakistani Drama-Themed Soiree

As you plan your holiday home hosting, transport your guests into the captivating world of Pakistani TV dramas with a themed soiree. Here are six home hosting hacks to make your evening truly memorable:

Helan Singh

February 03, 2024


1. Plan Your Dawat

Craft a sumptuous feast inspired by classic Pakistani dishes featured in dramas like mutton seekh kebabs, chicken biryani, and dahi bhalay. Recreate the aromatic curries and biryanis seen on screen, offering a dramatic twist to your dinner menu.


2. Mocktail Concoctions

Elevate your beverage game with creative mocktails like rose syrup sherbet, sweet lassi, and saffron-infused milk. Greet guests with steaming cups of masala chai to set the mood for a cosy evening filled with authentic flavours.


3. Ethnic Attire

Encourage guests to wear long salwar kameezes, achkan sherwanis, or chiffon sarees, adhering to the ethnic dress code. Dripping pearls, sparkling necklaces, and vibrant fabrics will add a touch of drama to the evening, reflecting the romance and elegance of Pakistani serials.


4. An Evening Of TV Romance

Create a cinematic experience by screening select scenes from beloved TV dramas like Humsafar, Dastaan, or Suno Chanda. Set up a big screen in your space, allowing guests to indulge in episodes that capture the essence of love, passion, and family drama.


5. Colourful Throws And Decor

Recreate Pakistani TV dramas' vibrant and dramatic ambience by incorporating colourful throws, rugs, and soft yellow dimmers. Adorn your space with fresh flowers, lamps, and wooden furnishings to transport guests into a setting reminiscent of their favourite on-screen dramas.


6. Final Touches

Complete the immersive experience with floral fresheners, enhancing the ambience and making guests feel like they've stepped onto the set of a Pakistani drama where the unexpected is about to unfold.