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Pair These Popular Irish Novels With Decadent Irish Cocktails For A Literary Buzz

Irish literature is known for exploring conflict, betrayal and rebellion. It finds a delightful counterpart in the world of Irish whiskey and cocktails. As you embark on a literary journey through these Irish novels, consider complementing them with decadent Irish cocktails for an immersive reading experience.

Helan Singh

February 03, 2024


1. Normal People And Irish Coffee

Sally Rooney's exploration of love, power dynamics, and coming of age finds a perfect companion in Irish Coffee. The decadent blend of freshly brewed coffee, Irish whiskey, and perhaps a touch of cream creates an ideal sipper for a soft winter evening.


2. PS I Love You And Irish Mudslide

Cecilia Ahern's emotional love story, set in Ireland, pairs seamlessly with an Irish Mudslide. This indulgent cocktail, featuring chocolate, coffee liqueur and Irish whiskey, provides comforting warmth as you immerse yourself in a tale of love and loss.


3. In The Woods And Irish Mule

Tana French's murder mystery, full of unexpected twists, pairs well with the lively Irish Mule. Swapping vodka for Irish whiskey, this zesty cocktail, with ginger beer and lime zest, adds a refreshing kick to the sinister whodunit narrative.


4. Brooklyn And Irish Margarita

Colm Tóibín's historical novel set post-World War II, exploring an Irish immigrant's life in Brooklyn, is enhanced by the vibrant Irish Margarita. With the addition of Irish whiskey and agave syrup, this cocktail offers a touch of green to accompany the protagonist's journey.


5. Milkman And The Irish Slammer

Anna Burns' psychological fiction, set in turbulent Northern Ireland, pairs intriguingly with the Irish Slammer. Revel in the flavours of Baileys and decadent Irish whiskey as you navigate the complex narrative of Milkman.


6. Amongst Women And Irish Maid

In a tale of a patriarchal household and five daughters, consider sipping on an Irish Maid. Crafted with aromatic elderflower liqueur, lime, and Irish whiskey, this cocktail complements the jarring story of familial dynamics and contemplation.