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Romance Novels That Are A Perfect Marriage With Your Favourite Cocktails

Tackling on a romantic journey through novels deserves a delightful companion and a well-paired cocktail will work to elevate the reading experience. Let’s explore iconic cocktails that harmonise with sweet and thought-provoking romances, creating a sensory seduction for book enthusiasts.

Helan Singh

February 03, 2024


1. Book Lovers And Dry Martini

Emily Henry’s novel, where a literary agent discovers love in a small town, perfectly complements a Dry Martini crafted with premium Gordon’s London Dry Gin. The intensity of olive brine and the bitterness of dry vermouth echo the passionate yet cutting words exchanged by the characters.


2. Kiss Me, Catalina And Margarita

Pair the seductive novel of Cat and Patricio Galán's passionate love journey with a stunning Margarita. Infuse the classic recipe with strawberries, adding a lovey-dovey twist to this irresistible cocktail made with Don Julio Blanco.


3. The Flatshare And Hot Toddy

Beth O’Leary’s heartwarming love story, set in a shared apartment, finds comfort in a warm Hot Toddy with healing spices and quality brandy—a perfect pairing for this modern-day epistolary tale.


4. An Extraordinary Union And Whisky Sour

Alyssa Cole’s Civil War-era love story between secret agents is boldly paired with a Whisky Sour—blending quality whisky, tangy lime juice and frothy egg whites, mirroring the story’s exploration of power imbalances.


5. Outlander And Rob Roy

Diana Gabaldon's Outlander series, a fantasy tale with time travel and true love, finds a companion in a Rob Roy cocktail. This Scottish twist on a classic Manhattan, featuring Johnnie Walker Black Label, aligns with the story's Highland setting.


6. Pride And Prejudice And Regent’s Punch

Transport yourself to 19th-century England with Jane Austen’s classic Pride and Prejudice, and sip on a Regent’s Punch. This fruity, tea-infused concoction complements the novel's witty commentary on marriage in English society, creating a perfect marriage of flavours and eras.