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Simple But Effective Coffee Bean Hacks To Elevate Your Cocktails

Often hailed for its morning kick, coffee unveils a hidden talent in cocktails, transforming drinks into harmonious blends of flavour. In this expert guide, Ashifa Bano introduces simple yet effective coffee bean hacks to elevate your home bar experience, marrying the richness of aromatic beans with fine spirits.

Helan Singh

February 02, 2024


1. Balancing Act

Adding coffee beans to cocktails is an art of balance. Too few, and the effect is subtle; too many, and you risk overpowering the drink. It's about harnessing their subtle power to enhance, not dominate.


2. Dark Roast Dynamics

Not all coffee beans are equal for infusions. Dark roast beans, prized for their robust, chocolatey undertones, pair exceptionally well with darker spirits like whisky or rum. Pilon coffee, with its Cuban roots or common dark-roasted Colombian beans, brings bold earthiness.


3. The Classic Old Fashioned

Elevate the timeless Old Fashioned by muddling a sugar cube, bitters, and Johnnie Walker Black Label. Introduce five coffee beans before adding ice, letting their depth subtly enhance the whisky's notes as the drink chills.


4. Coffee-infused Rum Punch

Create an earthy twist to the Rum Punch by stirring Captain Morgan Spiced Gold, pineapple juice, and lime. Three coffee beans infuse an enticing depth that harmonises with the citrusy profile of the cocktail.


5. Extra Strong Espresso Martini

Wake up your senses with an Extra Strong Espresso Martini. Shake up Smirnoff Vodka, coffee liqueur, and a fresh espresso shot, adding a visual treat as coffee beans rise in the glass. This martini promises an energetic experience.


6. Gin & Tonic Reimagined

Unleash fireworks by combining Tanqueray London Dry Gin with tonic water, fresh orange juice, and two coffee beans. Decorate the rim with orange rind for a fanciful twist that celebrates the marriage of gin and coffee.