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Winter Harvest Cocktails: Farm-to-Glass Recipes for Cold Nights

Amidst winter's cold embrace, explore a bountiful harvest often overlooked, transforming nature's gifts into farm-to-glass cocktails that meld sustainability with creativity. Here are five recipes celebrating the earth's winter offerings:

Helan Singh

February 03, 2024


1. Orchard Apple Delight

Savour the essence of winter apples by juicing them and blending them with 50 ml Johnnie Walker Gold Label, a sprinkle of cinnamon and a lemon slice. Top with Gordon’s tonic water for a refreshing orchard-inspired drink.


2. Citrus Grove Frost

Brighten up grey days with a Citrus Grove Frost. Squeeze juice from seasonal oranges and limes, stir in 50 ml Tanqueray Gin, sweeten with local honey, and experience a cocktail as vibrant as a winter morning.


3. Spiced Pear Winter Warmer

Unleash the understated power of winter pears by muddling with 50 ml Captain Morgan Spiced Rum, homemade spiced syrup and a splash of Black and White ginger ale—a winter potion rivalling the classic hot toddy.


4. Root Vegetable Reviver

Challenge the notion of root vegetables confined to stews by juicing vibrant winter carrots, mixing them with 50 ml Ketel One Vodka, beetroot juice, and a drizzle of agave for deep and complex flavours.


5. Berrylicious Ode to Summer

Preserve the essence of summer with Winter Berry Bliss. Shake 50 ml Ciroc Vodka with frozen winter berries, simple syrup and lemon juice—a reminder of warmer days with rich, intense, and wonderfully cosy flavours.


6. Assuming Seasonal Warmth

Connect with the season by sourcing ingredients locally, living up to the ethos of farm-to-glass recipes. As winter winds blow, find warmth in a glass with flavours as rich as the season itself—cheers to sustainability, one sip at a time.