4 Must Carry Tools For Your Holiday

4 Must Carry Tools For Your Holiday

If you love traveling, and love cocktails then you have got to combine the two! When you are holidaying, it is great to try the specialties of that place, but having the tools to make your own cocktails as and when you please can be great. Here are some suggestions on what you can take on your travel expeditions to make sure that you can have a quick cocktail when you please. 

Jiggers - These are tiny measurement tools that can help you keep the consistency in the taste of your cocktails. The most common measurement for a jigger is 30ml which means that it is also tiny and easy to carry. Although you might think that you can just wing it when it comes to the measurement of the alcohol, you will come to appreciate the significance of the jigger when you realize if you use fixed measurements, your cocktails tend to taste the same no matter how many ever times you make it.

Cocktail shakers - Their use is pretty important when you are trying to make cocktails that have a mix of all flavours. It is best to carry cocktail shakers on your journey so you can make your favourite (and other new) cocktails wherever you want in the way you want. Try to get a travel-friendly shaker which is usually a little smaller than usual but has enough space to fit a good amount of drinks.

Juicer - It can be super frustrating if you have all the ingredients you need to make a cocktail but end up not having a juicer. You can buy mini hand juicers that will make your job easier and as a result, you will get to relish some of the best cocktails you make on your vacation days.

Travel bar sets - Consider investing in a good mini bar set while traveling. A typical set should contain all the basic bar tools like bar spoons, muddlers, shakers and peg measures. If you have space in your travel bags, you can get one of these mini kits and your travel cocktails will be easy to make anytime anyday.

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