4 Ways You Can Make A Cocktail!

4 Ways You Can Make A Cocktail

Who doesn’t love a good cocktail? Whether it is for parties or for just a good relaxing evening in your own company, cocktails prove to be the perfect companion. This time, instead of giving you cocktail suggestions, we are going to suggest ways you can make the same cocktail in 4 different ways!

The best cocktail to start experimenting with is a classic Martini. This is basically a cocktail that consists of gin and vermouth with either a citrus or olive garnish. Over the years, it has become one of the most popular cocktails across the world. So what better way to celebrate its popularity than by making sure that you experiment with it? 
Let’s look at some ways you can twist the classic cocktail and still make a delicious version of it!

1. Vodka Martini - This can be quite an interesting twist to the classic martini. Replace the gin with Vodka and keep the rest as it is. However, be aware that the taste might slightly change and might not exactly taste like how you are used to with the classic martini, but this sure is a fun twist to experiment with.

2. Vesper Martini - Here, we keep the gin and add some vodka too! The typical ratio for the measurements of gin to vodka in Vesper martini is 3:1. Additionally, instead of using Vermouth, the intriguing Lillet Blanc is added. The key to this cocktail also lies in ensuring that it is shaken well after adding ice with the help of a cocktail shaker. It is then garnished with a twist of lemon peel to finish the cocktail with a fun, citrus twist.

3. Reverse Martini - A classic martini has a specified ratio in which the ingredients are added so as to get the exact results. In this twist, however, you can try reversing the measurements. Instead of adding 2 parts Gin and 1 part vermouth, this measurement can be easily flipped and served with a garnish of olive so it makes for a great cocktail.

4. Orange Martini - This is a delicious drink for orange lovers. You essentially make the classic martini and add some amount of orange bitters to it to make for a great twist. Not only will this make for a good addition to your classic martini cocktail, but it will also give you the opportunity to experiment with the taste of all the ingredients involved and how it tastes when combined. 

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