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5 Creative Themes To Up Your Gifting Game This Christmas

Themes For Christmas Gifting

The festive season is upon us. As we sing carols and gulp down eggnog and toddies in the winter frost, we look for wrapping paper and ribbons to send out presents to our loved ones. Customised gifts reveal the thought and effort poured into crafting these joyous gifts, and always make for excellent choices to give to friends and family. From spirit bottles to customised barware, to handcrafted recipe cards and DIY canvas art—there are a number of ideas to choose from. And frankly, it can be a tad overwhelming!

Narrowing down on a gift-giving theme can be worthwhile to navigate the maze of designing and gifting presents. A theme would encompass multiple gifts resonating an idea, and you can create a fitting set with two or three items, or a gift basket complete with different knick knacks you can think of. 

Read on below for a few tips to curate custom presents this holiday season, complete with different themes to elevate your gift giving game:

Wayfarer Bonanza

For all those who love packing up a bag and going off on solo travel, a gift bag full of travel goodies will be ideal. You can fill up a haversack with a cool pair of shades, a water container, a compass and an atlas. A traveller’s gift bag may also include a notebook to jot down travel notes or a poem or two inspired by the towering mountains. Add to this kit a flask with some delectable Captain Morgan to warm a solitary traveller up on frosty evenings.

Books and Liquors For Gifting

Bar And Books 

We all have that one cousin or friend who loves to dabble in mixology to produce interesting concoctions. For such connoisseurs, build a gift to suit this theme and include recipe cards, bar accessories, bottles of premium liquor—like a Ketel One vodka or a Singleton of Glendullan whisky. And if your friend is a litterateur, add to this mix some books on mixology and a signature novel like Casino Royale or The Great Gatsby, for obvious reasons.

Baker’s Dozen

All of us floated off on the baking wave during the pandemic and some did manage to achive some genuineness.! For them,, collect gifts suited to their needs—including premium chocolates, cooking wines and liqueurs, delicious coffees and vanilla pods which will complement their baking apparatus. Fill up a gift bag with customised recipe diaries in which they can record methods to make mouth watering pastries, eclairs, tarts and more!

Gourmet Foods Basket For Gifting

Gourmet Foods

Those with refined tastes expect no less when it comes to receiving gifts. For the culinary connoisseur, step up this sophistication game by putting together a gift set with gourmet cheeses, charcuterie boards, fine meat cuts, a bottle of olive oil, red wine, premium teas and coffees, aromatic spices and more. This might be a bit heavy on the pocket so plan your budget accordingly.

Green Living

We all must do our bit towards conserving ecology, and there are some of us who love going the extra mile and use all things environment friendly. Designing a holiday gift for such friends means putting together recycled, recyclable tote bags, toiletries, fragrances and even a couple of planters and seeds if they grow a home garden. Make sure to wrap these up using eco-friendly gifting hacks as well.