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6 Best Drinks To Pair With Succulent, Perfectly Cooked Kebabs

kebabs platter

Tender chunks of meat and chicken marinated in curd, masalas, spices and herbs grilled in the tandoor or on an open fire make for perfectly cooked succulent kebabs, that are a delight across several regions around the globe. From Turkey to west Asia to the Indian subcontinent, kebabs are popular as starters paired with fresh salad and mint chutney or as a light main accompanied by buttery flatbread. You can make kebabs easily at home while hosting an intimate gathering and pair it with some delicious spirits that would enhance the complexities of their mouth watering flavours.

Delicious meat cuts can be marinated in different curds and creams for a malai kebab variant and several spice mixes can be incorporated for making kebabs packing a bit of intense heat. Either way, different kebab varieties can be paired with different kinds of non-alcoholic beverages and zesty cocktails or spirits for a perfect flavour balance. Kebabs accompanied by the right beverage are also a handy home hosting dinner hack, the next time you plan to invite friends over for a night of indulgent foodie treats.

Read on below to know more about the different drinks that can accompany an assorted kebab platter.

Draught Beer

This distinctive beer is light, with limited carbonation and mild fermentation that allows it an airy texture but deep flavours, perfect for pairing it with a kebab platter. Cold draught beer served in a chilled glass would balance the spicy notes of a kebab made using a marinade comprising spices like cinnamon, peppers, cumin, coriander, turmeric and other aromatics. The frothy drink would reduce the intensity of the kebabs making them a tad lighter on the stomach.

Dark Rum

Have some dark rum infused in a carbonated drink like coca cola or a simple soda to introduce a bit of bitterness and sweet-smoky notes into your meal. Pair seekh kebabs or delicious galouti kebabs made with succulent mutton with a small peg or a 30 ml pour of dark rum. You can also make simple cocktails like a cuba libre or a dark and stormy using a premium Captain Morgan Dark Rum to pack a little zesty punch into your drink.

dark rum


A non-alcoholic beverage that can pair well with kebabs is solkadhi, a popular drink made in several Indian regions lying on its western coasts. The light pink drink made from kokum is a tangy infusion packed with the creaminess of coconut milk and the freshness of coriander. The drink is extremely light on the body and works very well to reduce the intensity of spices in kebabs. It would also enable smooth digestion after a particularly heavy, meaty meal!

Moscow Mule

Vodka is a transparent, clear liquor that is extremely versatile and can be paired with a variety of foods because of its utterly malleable taste that complements many flavour profiles. You can make a classic moscow mule using some Ketel One Premium Distilled Vodka and ginger beer to be enjoyed with kebabs. The taste of perfectly cooked meats will be highlighted by the texture of a smooth but potent vodka and a light kick of ginger.

White Wine Sangria

When you are gorging on a spicy Indian dish, pair it with the fruity and decadent notes of a premium white wine which would enable a fine balance between the complexity of whole spices and masalas and a smooth, fruity beverage. A white wine sangria made using oranges and lime juice will also introduce a tangy kick into the drink that would pair nicely with a spicy kebab dish.

drinks and kebabs

Iced Tea

On a warm, summer day, when tender, perfectly cooked meats are to be enjoyed with refreshing mint and coriander chutney and lots of fresh kachumber salad, pair the meal with peach or lemon iced tea. The freshness of the cool non-alcoholic beverage would go well with the spicy marinade that coats mutton and chicken kebabs cooked to a soft, succulent perfection.

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