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6 Rambutan Cocktails For Your Next Tropical Island-Themed Bash

rambutan cocktails

Tropical fruits are a mix of sweet and tangy flavours and have a very distinct profile which blends really well with cocktail concoctions. You can incorporate mangoes, pineapple, lychees and other assorted fruits into classic cocktail recipes to elevate their tastes and add just a tad bit of a zing to the drink. The fruits introduce a complexity that shines when the bitterness of a spirit encounters the sweet notes of a mango or the tangy juices of a pineapple. Perfecting the pairing of fruit with the proper cocktail blend is sheer mixology genius and involves a deep understanding of complex flavours.

One such tropical ingredient that is a wonderful and fresh addition to a cocktail is the rambutan, a lychee-like, fleshy fruit full of sweet juice. A rambutan’s exteriors look yellowish or red but when it is peeled open, they reveal translucent flesh that tastes like lychees or grapes. The rambutan ripens during spring and summer seasons making it a sought-after ingredient for mixing cocktails at a summer pool party.

Read on below to learn more about some rambutan cocktails that you can mix when you next host an island-theme tropical gathering at home:

Rambutan Martini

This is a popular vodka martini recipe and involves peeling off the hairy, red rambutan skin to then scoop out the fruit and crush the flesh to blend it into the martini. You can also add elderflower liqueur to the cocktail recipe to introduce some aromatic infusions to the drink. The taste of the rambutan is also highlighted by the transparent and warm notes of a premium vodka so be sure to use quality liquor like a Ciroc Ultra Premium Vodka to make this decadent cocktail.

Sweet And Spicy Rambutan Cocktail

This is a spin on a classic mojito recipe and involves adding lemon syrup and jalapeños to the drink to pack a little bit of heat into the cocktail. The sweetness of the rambutan pairs well with the hot and spicy peppers and the lemon twist oozes out a zesty tang, all of which come together to make a rather lip-smacking drink. Make use of a premium white or silver rum to craft this yellowy-white cocktail with a vibrant, summery hue.


Rambutan Mojito

The rum cocktail made from a quality spirit, lots of mint, lime and triple sec is a very malleable drink which goes well with tons of flavour pairings. It is often blended with fruits, herbs and coffee for a distinctive spin on a classic drink. Rambutan flesh can be muddled into a classic mojito recipe to introduce its sweet and juicy profile into the drink and give it a warm, summery and fresh quality.

Sparkling Rambutan Gibson

This gin concoction makes use of a quality spirit like a Tanqueray No. Ten Gin and some sparkling wine or champagne to make a cocktail that celebrates the many aromas and flavours of varied botanicals. Rambutans have a distinct sweetness that is potent enough to become the star ingredient in a cocktail despite the inclusion of other intense flavours. So you can make a sparkling gibson with a potent white wine or bubbly whilst hero-ing the sweet textures of the rambutan.

Rambutan Basil Smash

The sweetness of rambutan and the freshness of basil come together in a gin-infused drink, perfect for a summer evening. Muddle rambutan flesh and crushed basil leaves and add to the mix some gin and lime juice for an absolutely refreshing concoction. Serve this drink in a tall glass garnished with basil leaves for an elevated finish.

rambutan cocktail

Grilled Rambutan Cocktail

There is a wonderfully heightened sweet relish associated with a grilled rambutan which introduces a hint of smokiness when blended into a drink. Place a few rambutans on an open charcoal grill when you host a summer barbecue and add this charred fruit into a cocktail concoction containing lime juice and Don Julio Blanco for a fresh but intense summer cocktail variant.

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