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7 Basil-Infused Cocktails To Brighten Your Holiday Season

basil infused cocktails

The holiday season is upon us, and what better way to celebrate than by adding a fresh twist to your festive drinks? Basil, with its aromatic properties, steps out of the salad bowl and into cocktails, promising to infuse your holiday festivities with a green and fragrant touch. Here’s a roundup of seven basil cocktails that are bound to be a hit at your festive gatherings.

Classic Basil Mojito

Kickstart your festive cheer with a refreshing twist on the classic Mojito. Muddle a handful of fresh basil leaves with 45 ml of Captain Morgan White Rum and 30 ml of fresh lime juice. Add a spoonful of sugar, mix well and top it off with soda water. This basil Mojito variant is a sparkling blend of sweet, citrus, and herbal notes—a perfect start to the holiday season.

Strawberry Basil Smash

Get ready for a cocktail that's as much a feast for the eyes as it is for the palate. Start by muddling some ripe strawberries with a handful of fresh basil leaves in your shaker. Pour in 45 ml Smirnoff Vodka for that smooth kick and add a splash of simple syrup to balance the flavours. Shake and strain it into a glass heaped with crushed ice, enjoying a standout drink perfect for any holiday spread.

strawberry basil cocktail

Cucumber Basil Martini

For a crisp and refreshing choice, this straightforward Martini is unbeatable. Muddle fresh cucumber slices with basil leaves, add 45 ml Ketel One Vodka, and a splash—about 10 ml—of dry vermouth. Shake well and strain into a chilled martini glass. The cucumber and basil offer a cool, fresh counterpoint to the smooth vodka.

Spiced Basil Rum Punch

Bring some tropical warmth to your holiday celebrations with this spiced rum punch. Mix 45 ml Captain Morgan Spiced Rum with the evergreen pineapple juice, a few basil leaves and a hint of cinnamon. Serve over ice for a cocktail that’s both spicy and herbal.

Basil Limoncello Spritz

So what if you cannot be in the Italian countryside this festive season? Make the ultimate summer drink with this Italian-inspired spritz, a great contender for festive mixology. Combine 45 ml Limoncello with Prosecco, a splash of soda water and a few basil leaves. Serve in a flute glass for a bubbly, fragrant, and light dessert cocktail.

Green Gin Fizz

Here's a treat for gin lovers that can be ready in minutes. Take 45 ml Gordon's London Dry Gin and mix it with a squeeze of fresh lemon juice in your shaker. Toss in a few basil leaves to infuse it with an earthy freshness and add a teaspoon of sugar to sweeten the deal. Give it a vigorous shake and strain it into your favourite glass. Top it off with a splash of soda water. The combination of the gin's botanicals with the fresh basil creates a sophisticated toast for the holiday season.

green gin fizz

Honeyed Whisky Sour

For Johnnie Walker Black Label enthusiasts, this concoction will liven up your spirits like nothing else. Pour a generous 45 ml into your shaker. Squeeze in some fresh lemon juice, followed by a spoonful of honey. Throw in a few basil leaves and shake it like you mean it! The deep and smoky notes of the whisky, blended with the sweet scent of basil and honey, make for a cocktail that's just right for those snug and festive evenings by the fire.

As we revel in the joyous spirit of the season, let’s not forget to enjoy these delightful cocktails responsibly. Cheers to a holiday filled with warmth and seven unforgettable basil cocktails!


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