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7 Thoughtful Gifts For The Whisky Lover In Your Life

Whiskey Stones

If you have friends or family that love Whisky it’s tempting to just buy them a bottle and call it a day for every special occasion. But if you’re looking to go that extra mile, there are a slew of interesting options you can explore that will appeal to every Whisky aficionado and unlike a bottle, these gifts can be enjoyed for many months to come.

With a little careful curation, you can take their drinking habits to a whole new level. Whether it's by helping them to refine their palate, expand their Whisky knowledge or simply giving them the tools to enjoy their evening drink in a new way, there are lots of little ways you can show your Whisky-loving friend some extra attention and make sure that they nurture their passion. 

Here are 7 great gifting options to appreciate the Whisky lover in your life. 

1. Whisky Stones or Spheres:

Nobody likes to drink their Whisky warm, but for some, diluting the sacred spirit with ice is a crime in itself. For those people, Whisky stones or spheres make a wonderful gift. Usually made from metal or soapstone, these non-porous materials can be stored in the freezer and added to the glass, maintaining the ideal sipping temperature without altering the flavour. They also serve the added purpose of looking sleek so that the aesthetics of every glass of Whisky are sure to be on point.

2. Quality Whisky Glass:

It may seem like a trifling issue, but the shape of your glass can significantly impact your Whisky-drinking experience. The Glencairn Whisky glass is popular for its smaller bowl and tapered neck to capture the aromas efficiently. Sniftners have a wider lip allowing the drinker to enjoy a more prominent smell as they drink. A crystal Whisky tumbler ideal for everyday use as it's designed to be filled with ice and offers a comfortable sipping experience. 

3. Whisky Tasting Journal:

If you’ve ever forgotten what you had for breakfast, you know that holding onto fleeting memories of taste can be much harder than it seems. For the avid Whisky lover, it can be a real challenge to keep track of their tasting journey and a dedicated Whisky journal can help compile their thoughts in one place. These notebooks can prove to be a valuable tool for tracking names, distilleries, flavour notes, and personal ratings so they can fuel their passion and become a true connoisseur. 

4. Whisky Subscription Service:

Who wouldn’t like a bottle of Whisky to show up at their door every month? Signing your Whisky aficionado up with a subscription service allows them to expand their palate and get a sample of the best Whiskys out there with no extra effort. And bonus points since this is the gift that keeps on giving, they’ll be thanking you with every new delivery!

5. Guidebooks or Literature

The first step towards becoming an expert in any field is education, and Whisky is no different. A set of well-curated books or guides about Whisky are sure to find a spot on their bookshelf. Look for titles that explore the history, production, and tasting techniques of Whisky, catering to both beginners and aficionados.

6. Distillery Tour:

If they have any favourite brands, try getting in touch to arrange a visit. Many distilleries offer guided tours of their distilleries to see how the magic gets made and some even host tasting experiences so they can experiment and find their new favourites. A hands-on experience allows your Whisky enthusiast to learn about the production process and sample some exceptional spirits.

7. A Quality Bottle Of Whisky:

Last but by no means the last, consider getting them a bottle (or two) of some top-shelf Whisky. Whether its one of their tried and tested favourites or something new to explore, they’re sure to be thrilled with the gesture. Some interesting picks to try are Signature Premier Grain Whisky, The Singleton Of Glendullan Single Malt Scotch Whisky, Johnnie Walker Blue Label Blended Scotch Whisky or Johnnie Walker Gold Label.

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