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How To Set Up A DIY Drinks Station For Holiday Home Hosting

Tips for setting up a DIY drinks station

As we welcome the holiday season, the joy of hosting gatherings at home takes on a touch with shimmering lights, laughter and delightful drinks. Imagine your loved ones and friends enveloped in the festive ambiance of your home gathering around a DIY drinks station that you've set up. It's not only a place to serve beverages, it's a hub where everyone becomes an active part of the celebration crafting their own unique stories, with each drink they prepare under the twinkling Christmas lights. Here's how you can go about creating your own drinks station.

The Delight of Self-Serve

Traditionally hosts or hired bartenders would mix drinks for guests. Sometimes resulting in waiting times and keeping the host tied to the bar. However, with a DIY drinks station everything changes. It transforms into a stage where your guests become the stars by creating their masterpieces. The sound of ice clinking against glasses spirits, swirling elegantly in tumblers and mixers splashing together, create a symphony.

Tips for setting up a DIY drinks station

Setting Up Your Station

Selecting Spirits

Start by curating an assortment of high-quality spirits. Consider options like Tanqueray or Gordons gin, Smirnoff, Ketel One or Ciroc vodka, Don Julio tequila and Johnnie Walker whisky as choices for the base of each drink. It's generally an idea to aim for around 60 ml of alcohol per drink to keep everyone in a bright mood.
Get creative with mixers and extras by offering more than tonics and sodas. Why not add a touch with juice or a zesty kick with ginger beer? Include a variety of fruits for that squeeze and herbs like mint and rosemary for an aromatic twist.
Make sure your station is equipped with all the tools; shakers, stirrers, muddlers and measuring jiggers. Offer types of glasses such as glasses highball glasses and tumblers to give it that professional touch.
For those who prefer alcoholic options provide a selection of sparkling waters, flavoured syrups and fresh juices to allow for creative alcohol free concoctions.
Creating your drinks becomes an experience that brings people together. Your DIY drinks station acts as a hub for guests to chat, exchange recipes and bond over their creations – making it an excellent icebreaker, for newcomers.

Tips for setting up a DIY drinks station

Personalized Beverages

Each guest has the freedom to customise their drink according to their preferences. Want lime? A dash of bitters? The choice is up to them making every sip an experience tailored for them.

An Opportunity for Learning

It's also chance for everyone to discover something or showcase their mixology skills. Consider providing recipe cards for inspiration featuring cocktails, festive specialties or even non-alcoholic mocktails.

Advantages Compared to Traditional Hosting

Unlike setups where guests simply receive drinks, a DIY station encourages participation fostering a sense of belonging and community among everyone.
As the host, you can enjoy your party without the constant duty of making drinks. This allows you more time to mingle with your guests fully immerse yourself in the atmosphere and have a time.
With several possible combinations available, each guest is bound to find their perfect drink. This creates an array of flavours as each individual’s taste and preference.

Tips for setting up a DIY drinks station

Finishing Touches

Enhance your station with decorations like a Christmas tree twinkling, fairy lights or beautiful garlands. Display a sign with mixing instructions along with a reminder about responsible drinking.
As your gathering comes to an end, your DIY drinks station will have been more than another feature—it will have added a touch of enjoyment throughout the event.
It would have served as a storyteller, a catalyst, for laughter and a platform for creativity. Amidst the glow of holiday lights your visitors will have not mixed beverages but also shared memories, tales and possibly even started new customs.
Therefore this festive season, embrace the magic of setting up a DIY drinks station in your home. Witness how it evolves into an engaging area where joy, togetherness and holiday spirit intertwine. Here's, to a time of hosting! Cheers!

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