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A Complete Guide To Hosting A Red-And-Green Party This Christmas

themed christmas party

‘Deck the halls with boughs of holly…’ and literally start planning a party because Christmas is upon us and it’s time to make lists, take stock of last year’s decorations and invite guests to host the season’s festivities. One of the most simple yet elegant ways to host a festive gala is to do everything up in classic red and green Christmas hues. The colours spell vibrancy and cheer but they also have a cultural import where red signifies the blood of the Lord and the green stands for the evergreen Christmas tree which blooms through winter and connotes eternal life.

Choosing red and green as your party theme is about leaning into the festive spirit in an earnest sense, marking the traditional motifs in a more fun way. From decor to food and drink and party favours, you can deploy reds and greens in every element of the party, including cutlery, linen and candelabras. 

Read on below for a few handy ideas that will help you plan this Christmas do to achieve a cohesive and merry look that is festive, without overdoing the colour scheme:

Festive Decor

Dig out your old Christmas decorations and sort out wreaths, streamers, ornaments, bells and stockings—all in shades of red and green. You can hang up stockings on window sills or above the fireplace, fill up your drawing room with rows of basil, mistletoe, pine cones and red roses to light up the room with the season’s spirit.

christmas party decor

Vibrant Dress Code

As you send out invites, also mention the dress code so guests come decked up in attire befitting the theme. Glittery red and sparkly green dresses, red ties and dinner jackets and party hats in festive colours are the order of the day at a traditional Christmas fare. You can also hand out headgear or garlands at the door made from green foliage and small, red wildflowers to suit the theme.

Christmas Tree Galore

At a themed do, you actually have a shot at designing the look of your evergreen pine. Instead of silver and gold ornaments hung up randomly, you can switch to reds and tints of green and gold while decorating your Christmas tree. The star atop must sparkle a glittery crimson. Use streamers, stars and other assorted ornaments that look utterly sparkly and green. You need hardly worry about a clash of green colours, the sparkling decorative pieces will illuminate the Christmas tree. Such a theme can also be employed to make the manger replete with red and green coloured figurines.

Themed Tableware And Barware

At such a themed do, the tableware and barware must complement the theme. For a formal dinner party, go for green napkins and cutlery with a reddish tinge. For informal, casual affairs, place red and green coloured tissues, recyclable or steel cutlery, red and green wine and highball glasses and identically coloured straws. If you want to go the extra mile, you can also bring out customised openers, coasters, jiggers and shakers that suit the festive theme.

red and green christmas party

Red And Green Cocktails

This is a no-brainer. Serve delectable red wine pairings with the menu you plan and red and green concoctions like a peppermint martini, grasshopper, cranberry mojito and more. Stock up your liquor cabinet with a couple of bottles of Ketel One Premium Distilled Vodka and a Signature Black Label to make delicious fruity, sweet and spicy concoctions resonating with the overall theme.

Two-Coloured Foods

At a formal do, serve at least three courses including coq au vin or a steak in a red wine reduction and some peas. For a casual hang, serve lip smacking finger foods like colourful chips, crackers, cupcakes, cheese and jalapeno poppers, beetroot hummus with pita among other assorted munchies that make for a thoroughly irresistible fare fitting your red and green gala.

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