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A DIY Advent Calendar For The Tipple Connoisseur In Your Life

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It’s festive season and it’s that time of the year again when you need to channel all your energy into giving the best gifts and becoming people’s favourite! So, if you have a loved one who’s a tipple connoisseur, here’s a thoughtful gift to win them over! *drum rolls* We are talking about an Advent calendar! It’s also a great way to countdown the year and welcome the new year. 

If all this comes across as rather new to you and the words Advent Calendar sound a bit alien, let us solve it for you. They’re traditionally fun and delightful calendars that are used to count down the days leading up to Christmas. They typically start from the 1st of December and continue up to Christmas Day. The calendar itself is a creative piece that consists of doors, windows, and compartments that conceal a small gift. These gifts are revealed each day as the calendar is opened, creating a fun and enjoyable daily countdown. The items are usually chocolates, candies, small toys, accessories, and in the case of adults – miniature drink bottles. 

This tradition first started in 19th-century Germany where families would count down the days leading up to Christmas by lighting candles or with pious pictures. In modern times they’ve certainly become a lot more fun. Not only do they serve the purpose of a countdown, but they’re also designed to build a sense of anticipation and create a sense of joy and surprise as you open each door to reveal a new treat. So, if this seems like a good idea, here’s everything that you need to know and do. 

alcohol bottles

First, you’ll need to select your spirits and it’s best to select a wide variety and range to make things interesting. Think gins, whiskies, dark and white rum, regular and infused vodka, and even liqueurs. You can also add some non-alcoholic beverages for select dry days. If you know your giftee well enough, then feel free to include all their favourites. Since it’s festive season, a lot of spirits have special limited editions and flavoured spirits that can really help kick things up a notch. 

Now that the drinks are sorted, figure out how you would like to format the countdown. If you want the classic approach, then go for the numbered doors that open to reveal the day’s “spirited” treat, pun intended. You can also get creative and add more personalised touches including saying and dialogues from your loved one's favourite TV or movie shows as you count down for each tipple. You can also personalise the calendar and make it festive-themed, or movie or TV-themed. If they love a band or a musical group, theme the tipples around them. You can also add little notes with recipe ideas or trivia about the spirit. 

advent calendar

To make this calendar, you’ll need miniature spirit bottles, numbered labels, a decorative box, wrapping paper, and ribbon. Then, label each miniature bottle with the day that you’ve selected it to correspond to. Then wrap the bottles in wrapping people. Then place them in the correct order in the calendar display. You can also jazz everything up by adding a few artisanal chocolates or even drinking accessories such as coasters, tasting glasses, napkins, or anything else that your loved one loves and appreciates with their drink – you know them best! 

However,  do remember that it is for the public good to drink responsibly. If you know anyone who has difficulty controlling alcohol intake, please refer them to a professional

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