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A Whisky Tasting 101 For The Ultimate Bachelor Party

whisky tasting for a bachelor party

IF YOU HAVE been appointed the Best Man or the Best Person at an impending wedding this season, one of the biggest responsibilities on your shoulders is to organise an epic bachelor party. Stag nights and hen parties are two elements of a wedding that friends, sisters, cousins and relatives are going to look forward to the most, so when you have to plan a bachelor party, you have to make sure that you go the extra mile in making this event a memorable one. While hosting the groomsmen and his friends in a bar and chugging drinks is a good way to celebrate a bachelors, you can make this party a tad bit more creative by introducing some more elegant activities into the festivities.

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A thoroughly sophisticated bachelors party would be a whisky tasting tour, where you sip on some quality spirits and indulge in a bit of conversation about their tastes and flavour profiles. If you are hosting or organising a bachelor party for a true connoisseur of the spirit, you cannot go wrong with such a luxe tasting. Whisky would remind you of billiards and leather sofas, cigars and tuxedos. You can host a bachelor party exactly after this fashion as you revel in the flavours of the intense liquor.

whisky tasting for a bachelor party

Read on to know more about how to plan a whisky tasting experience for the groom's stag night:

Gilded Decor

Plan a bachelor party that fits the gilded age and bring in some warm, glowing yellow lights and a dim atmosphere that resembles a chic speakeasy. You can also install thick, comfortable leather sofas where you can lounge while tasting different varieties of whiskies. Arrange for a special chair for the groom who will sit in this place of honour to enjoy the delectable spirits that will be part of the tasting.

Choose The Whiskies

The most integral component of a successful tasting is quality spirits. You have to have at least four or five premium whiskies to enjoy a tasting that lasts for a couple of hours. From single malts to bourbons to Scotch whiskies, make sure your collection features some desirable numbers so your guests can sip on and compare tasting notes on an array of indulgent liquors. You can serve delicious variations like a Godawan Artisanal Single Malt or a Johnny Walker Red Label to appreciate their deep flavours. Have a cheese and crackers platter at hand to act as a palate cleanser between two whisky variants.

whisky tasting for a bachelor party

Display Histories And Origins

One of the key aspects of a tasting is getting to know all you can about the beverage you are tasting. Prepare lots of flash cards and informative maps that display the origins, histories and stories surrounding a particular spirit. A way to make matters interesting is to jot down some of the anecdotes surrounding a spirit, how it was produced and popularised so your guests get to know the social and cultural aspects of the liquor in detail.

Have A Conversation

Another crucial element of any tasting is to have a conversation  – and how men like to talk! At a bachelor’s tasting, there would undoubtedly be some spirited discussions around the flavour profiles, intensity and tasting notes of different whiskies and you can encourage these by having some talking points at hand to drive the conversation in a direction that explores every spirit in depth.

whisky tasting for a bachelor party

Poker And Cocktail Night

Once you are done with your whisky tasting private tour or an intimate tasting hosted at home, you can convert this journey into a cocktail night by crafting drinks out of the spirits you have most appreciated during the evening. You can either hire a mixologist to make drinks or prepare them yourself if you fancy yourself a skilled bartender. Hand out some cards and play a game of poker as you sip on the cocktails crafted using a premium selection of single malts.

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