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Ageing Tequila: Unravelling the Mystery of Barrels

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When it comes to tequila, ageing isn’t just a countdown. It's a practice mastered through time, with each barrel acting as a time capsule, capturing the spirit’s evolving character. And if you ever wished barrels could talk, you are in luck today!
Exceptional tequila means a perfect match between the spirit and the barrel. American oak carries hints of vanilla and caramel, while French oak adds a touch of spice and finesse. Former bourbon barrels are also widely used and recommended for their sweetness.
Matured over varying periods, there are a few distinct categories of aged tequila that lend them a unique aroma and texture. Let’s take a walk through these tequila types, from the youthful joven to the dignified extra añejo.
Joven, The Young Gun
Joven tequila is like the first chapter of an adventure—brimming with raw energy and potential. Often unaged or slightly aged, it’s the purest essence of agave: clear and zesty, ideal for those who prefer a lighter touch and yet an authentic tasting experience. Offering a taste that’s as honest as it is spirited, Joven is exuberant in its profile.

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Reposado, The Coming-of-Age Tale
Fast forward to reposado, where things get more complex, but not enough to lose the youthful character of the agave. Resting in barrels for two months to a year, where time tones down the stiffness of tequila, reposado has found its footing in the world of aged spirits. Smoother than joven, with a hint of vanilla and caramel, it carries fresh memories of wood. The colour of this variant deepens with age, turning to a soft gold.
Añejo: The Deep Thinker
Now, enter Añejo, the sage in this tequila tale. Aged between one and three years, añejo is the spirit where depth and complexity take centre stage. Rich with dark chocolate and dried fruit notes, it’s darker and more sophisticated from its extended time in the barrels. Evident in each sip, the wood seems to have left a deeper mark here in terms of flavours and aromas as well.
Extra Añejo: The Maestro
And for the grand finale, there is extra añejo. Aged for over three years, it’s the wise old soul of the tequila family. Although this is a new category, this is where the barrel fully surrenders its character, infusing the tequila with a richness no less than a well-aged scotch. It’s a luxurious spirit with profound notes of vanilla, oak, toffee, and spices. Commanding respect and contemplation, extra añejo is best savoured slowly, like a fine whisky.

extra anjeo tequila
In this barrel-aged journey, each type of tequila reflects a different stage of the process and the result, from the rugged boldness of younger spirits to the nuanced profile of a well-aged añejo.
The barrel sets the foundation of each tequila, transforming the agave into something more experienced. 

As we explore these treasures, let’s remember that enjoying tequila is about savouring the craftsmanship it represents and the heritage it carries. The drink is not just made, but matured and developed with care and patience. Let’s raise a glass to the journey!