Alcohol Infused Fruits for Your Cocktail Party

Alcohol Infused Fruits cover

Hosting a cocktail party comes with several responsibilities. You must be at the top of your game to be the life of the party and not pass the evening dozing off on the couch. And what better avoid that than supplementing some vitamin C in your cocktail? The best way to do so? An alcohol-infused fruit cocktail. While the classic watermelon and vodka combo might be well-known- a world of boozy possibilities waiting to be explored. 

Boozy Bites For Your Next Cocktail Party

Boozy Bites
The alcohol-infused fruits are an easy at-home DIY. Just soak your preferred concoction in a mason jar or any tightly closed container overnight before storing it in a cold, dark location until the main event. However, you must know which liquor pairs well with fruit to serve the best fruity libations to your guest. From succulent fruits to surprising veggies, they boast delightful flavours that will impress everyone. Let us explore the top picks to set up a perfect party menu and elevate your gatherings to another level.

1. Fun With Berries And Champagne

Fun With Berries
Give the traditional dessert of strawberry shortcake a fun twist. Soak strawberries in Champagne over the night and dip them in melted chocolate. You can add a surprise element by serving the alcohol-induced strawberries with the usual strawberries. Let the guessing game begin!

2. Peachy Charm And Fine Bourbon

Sliced peaches are the juiciest fruit of the summer. Soak them in whisky to make a festive cocktail mixer. Slice the peach, remove the skin, and keep it for about three days with bourbon in a Mason jar. It is the perfect delight to capture the summer essence at a cocktail party.

3. Pineapples For A Tropical Twist

Pineapple absorbs an optimal level of alcohol and is one of the best fruits for the party punch. The sweetness of the pineapple disguises the taste of the vodka without lowering the alcohol concentration. Alternatively, try a different pineapple-flavoured beverage with a hot jalapeno margarita. Pro hosting tip: Freeze the infused pineapple chunks to make alcoholic sangria ice cubes and serve them as appetisers.

4. Gin-spired Cucumbers

Gin-spired Cucumbers
Serving homemade gin-induced cucumbers will elevate the refreshing cocktail night to heights. Adding gin-cucumbers to the party menu is a great way to beat the summer heat. Slice the cucumbers thinly and place in a jar full of gin with a few basil leaves- and there you go!

5. Pear-fact Vodka For A Hit

Infuse vodka in the soft and mushy pears for a lighter punch. The infused vodka turns your martini into a masterpiece with its delicate and soft undertones. Allow the charm of pears to take centre stage so you can effortlessly add a bit of elegance to your party menu.

6. Up The Spice With Jalapenos

Spice With Jalapenos
The tequila-induced jalapenos are perfect for hot cocktails lovers. Slice the peppers and let them soak in the brandy for a few hours, depending on your spice level. Pro hosting tip: Filter the drink before adding the peppers and seeds to your margarita.

Serve The Bite-Sized Booze At Your Cocktail Nights

Alcohol-infused fruits are a statement for your party menu with heavy flavour profiles and delicious undertones. While it is still not a mainstream menu item, surprise your guests with these little boozy delights next time. Learn more about the savoury concoctions and other cocktail successes at The Bar.