Bar Drinks Going All the Way Back to the Start

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Everyone knows the name of every single popular cocktais. But where did they come from? What's their history? Let's time travel and embark on an ancient journey of wines and alcohol. We'll go all the way back to the age of the Pharaohs and learn all we can!

Sip, savour, and celebrate the drinks that defined iconic periods in history.

Raising Our Cocktail Glasses and Toasting to History

Let's explore the essence of ancient wines and the art of drinking:

1. The Ancient World: Toast like a Pharaoh

ancient worldJourney to the Egyptian era where the pharaohs used to rule and beer was considered a sacred beverage. Unravel the secrets of fermentation and enjoy homemade beers using traditional recipes inspired by hieroglyphic inscriptions. Level up your cocktail glasses, raise your spirits high and toast like a pharaoh. Give yourself exposure to flavours and rituals that connected ancient Egyptians to god.

2. The Renaissance:  Unveiling the art of wine

Step back to the Renaissance era, a time of great cultural and artistic revival. Hug the elegance and richness of this period by indulging in a variety of fine wines. Submerge yourself in a Renaissance banquet where you and try out flavors that once captivated the souls of kings and queens. Guide your taste buds to a symphony of flavours and discover the art of drinking and flavour pairing.

3. The Prohibition era: Raise a glass in secret

An era when alcohol was banned, but still, the feel of alcohol was not hidden. Welcome yourself to the world of speakeasies, hidden bars and secret passwords. Mix, match and enjoy traditional cocktails like glamorous martini cocktails or refreshing Gin Rickey. Learn about the cunning tricks of the prohibition era, which couldn't stop the rebels of this era from enjoying the thrill of sipping a forbidden drink.

4. The Swinging Sixties: Shake it up with cocktails

swinging sixties
Shake your spirits up as we welcome you to the grooving and vibrant atmosphere of the 1960's. This era is marked by a revolution in cocktail culture, introducing colourful cocktails and inventive concoctions. Release the inner mixologist and create celebrated wines like the martini cocktail, Cosmopolitan and classic whiskey sour. Channel up your spirits with swinging sixties and let melodies of classic wine take you on a tour of tipsy time travel.

5. The Future: Mixology in the Digital Age

Coming back to the digital age, rediscovering the art of wine with innovative and top-notch technologies. Experience cutting-edge flavours and let your taste buds feel the holographic taste of wines created by bartenders. The cutting-edge flavour bar drinks may blow your mind and lift up your spirits, transcending you to a new era.

Summing Up
Tipsy time travel offers you a unique way to explore different cultures and ethnic backgrounds with the taste and essence of whine. Let your tastebuds and spirits decide which era you want to explore. Each era revives as you sip on bar drinks that define their time, unlocking a world of flavours, rituals and stories. Cheers to the past, present and amazing possibilities that lie ahead. If you're a cocktail enthusiast and wish to learn more about this stuff, head over to The Bar right now.

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