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Beyond Margarita, 6 Drinks To Mix With Tequila to Elevate Your Experience

Grapefruit Juice

A tequila bottle is often used for crafting margaritas, and many are uncertain about its use with half a bottle left. It's a common situation. While margaritas are undeniably beloved, a treasure trove of exciting concoctions is waiting to be explored. This journey takes you beyond the familiar lime and salt, inviting you to venture into tequila mixology's diverse and flavorful landscape. Ranging from cocktails infused with other spirited components to simple non-alcoholic blends, these represent the finest companions to enhance your tequila experience.

What is a Tequila 

Tequila is a Mexican alcoholic drink made from agave. Made from fermented blue agave plant juice, which grows well in the area's volcanic soil. Tequila is made by subjecting agave nectar, the spirit's main ingredient, to fermentation and distillation. Blanco (unaged), Reposado (briefly aged), and Aejo (longer aged) are just a few of the varieties available, each with its own unique flavour profile and complexity. Tequila is a versatile spirit for cocktails and a symbol of Mexican history that is admired around the world for its distinctive earthy and sometimes smokey aromas.

What To Mix 

Tequila is versatile enough to be consumed neat, in the form of shots, or in the form of an aged tequila, which is suitable for sipping, or in the form of a mixed cocktail. Try one of these recipes the next time you need to find a reason to open that bottle of tequila you've been holding.

Tomato Juice 

No matter how well you take care of yourself, there are going to be mornings when you need a drink. It's a good idea to mix tequila with tomato juice whenever you need a pick-me-up or want to throw a birthday brunch. This mix is delicious, and it also has a lot of healthy benefits. Try substituting tequila for the vodka in your Bloody Mary recipe for a "Bloody Maria." The spiciness of hot sauce is amplified by the addition of tequila, or you can make a quick Bloody Maria by mixing Bloody Mary mix with tequila.

Grapefruit Juice 

Quality tequila can offer subtle earthiness or a hint of sweetness, while good grapefruit juice packs a pleasing tartness. Combining these two creates a delightful pairing, especially if you prefer drinks on the less sweet side. Notably rich in vitamin C, grapefruit juice not only complements tequila for a weekend sip but also provides an immune boost. The Paloma, Mexico's national drink, takes use of this mashup by combining tequila, grapefruit soda or juice, seltzer, and a squeeze of lime for a light and mildly spicy summer treat that is traditionally served with a rim of chilli salt.

Soda water 

Try out the tequila highball, a delicious drink that won't wreck your diet. Those on a low-carb diet can still enjoy a drink because tequila contains no carbohydrates. Mix some tequila and soda water, squeeze in a little lime, and drink up without worrying about calories. This highball isn't just for keto dieters; it brings out the best in high-quality tequila and elevates the flavour of a more affordable kind when mixed with soda water. Soda water, club soda, or seltzer are all great options for creating a low-carb beverage; however, tonic water should be avoided due to its high sugar level.

Coconut water 

If you enjoy a touch of the tropics, you're probably familiar with coconut water. Its nutty sweetness lacks just one thing: a splash of tequila. Coconut water boasts essential electrolytes like magnesium, potassium, and sodium, making it an ideal post-workout beverage. Having a coconut water margarita without getting a hangover is an interesting idea that should be looked into further. If you want to drink tequila with coconut water, make sure it is clean and doesn't have any added sugars or preservatives.

Pineapple Juice 

Tequila and pineapple juice make a delightful pairing, with the pineapple's inherent sweetness balancing the earthy notes of tequila. A dash of lime enhances the flavors. Pineapple juice is rich in vitamins A, C, and B, along with vital minerals like manganese and copper. It's also known for its anti-inflammatory properties, thanks to bromelain, an enzyme that aids in reducing swelling and alleviating pain.

Ginger Ale or Ginger Beer 

Spicy ginger beer and ginger ale complement tequila wonderfully. Beyond their delicious carbonation, these beverages offer numerous health benefits. Ginger ale can alleviate nausea, combat inflammation, keep you hydrated, and assist in hangover recovery. Ginger beer, on the other hand, is spicier and bolder due to its brewed and fermented nature, featuring ginger, sugar, yeast, and water. Ginger ale tends to be sweeter, while ginger beer has a drier profile. Whether you crave a robust ginger flavor or a milder one, both pair excellently with tequila.

Apple Juice 

Whether your preference leans towards apple juice or apple cider, both make delightful companions for tequila. The distinction lies in the production process. Apple cider is typically bottled without filtration or pasteurization, resulting in a shorter shelf life, less sugar content, and a slightly cloudy appearance. In contrast, apple juice tends to be sweeter with added sugar, pasteurization, and filtration for the familiar clear texture. While apple juice often pairs with bourbon, substituting it with quality aged reposado tequila like Clase Azul introduces warm spice and roasted agave notes. Mix one part tequila with two parts apple juice, add ice, and a lime squeeze, or create an autumnal hot toddy by warming fresh apple cider with tequila, garnished with an orange slice and a cinnamon stick.


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