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Christmas Gifts Don’t Get Better Than Bailey's Original Irish Cream

By: Shireen Jamooji

baileys irish cream

When it comes to Christmas, delicious festive food and drinks get top billing in everyone’s minds. It’s a day to whip out those special bottles that you’ve been saving all year for a special occasion and revel in the season of goodwill and joy on earth, and nothing spells happiness better than a delicious glass of liqueur by the fireside after a hearty meal.

There are a wide variety of liqueurs out there to choose from but one of the world’s favourites is undoubtedly Baileys Original Irish Cream Liqueur. With the richness of cream with hints of chocolate and vanilla plus an alcoholic kick, it’s the grown-up sweet treat indulgence which offers sensory delights in every sip. Even with an alcohol content of 17% ABV, it offers a smooth, rich flavour which even novice drinkers can enjoy, making it the perfect gifting option when you’re visiting friends or family. So if you’re looking for that last-minute gift that will put a smile on everyone’s face, look no further than a bottle of Bailey’s, because it’s got everything you want in one elegant bottle. 

A Storied History

Everyone likes a gift with a good story behind it right, and Baileys Original Irish Cream Liqueur checks all the boxes. In Ireland, whisky and cream were commonly blended for a soothing remedy to upset stomachs, but transforming this mixture into a stable, long-lasting product posed a significant challenge. The journey began in Dublin in 1974 when David Dand, recognised as the innovator behind Baileys, envisioned something extraordinary. Collaborating with a team of experts, including David Gluckman, Tom Jago, Steve Wilson, and MacMcPherson, Dand dedicated three years to finding the perfect recipe for marrying alcohol and cream. Despite initial challenges with separation using a kitchen mixer, a fortuitous accident on November 26th, 1974, led to the creation of Baileys Original Irish Cream. A stroke of brilliance involving chocolate, vanilla, and burnt sugar successfully brought together these unlikely components.

Unmatched Quality

Did you know that the cream used to make this one-of-a-kind liqueur comes from specially bred, Irish cows? Approximately 220 litres of fresh cream from their herd of 38,000 cows, sometimes affectionately known as ‘Bailey’s Ladies’ goes into the production of the liqueur every year. It’s then combined with triple distilled whisky and select spirits and flavours (all top secret of course) to create the unique blend of flavours you taste in every bottle of Bailey’s Irish Cream.

Versatile Uses

With its notes of chocolate and vanilla, plus the rich, creamy finish, Bailey’s is ideally suited to add to desserts and sweet treats. Baileys features a slightly higher alcohol content compared to your typical wine so while it might be a touch robust to pair with a meal (though you can if you're feeling adventurous), it excels as a preferred choice to conclude an evening. When savouring Baileys on its own, the optimal experience is achieved when it's chilled or poured over ice. Its creamy texture also makes it an excellent companion for elevating your regular coffee into an alcoholic delight—simply substitute your usual milk or creamer with Baileys.

So if you’re looking for a sweet gift to give your loved ones this season (or even to treat yourself, we won’t tell), Bailey’s Irish Cream is there to brighten up your Christmas spirits. 

P.S. It may taste like a dessert, but it’s still alcohol so remember to drink in moderation for a happy, safe Christmas.


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