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Cocktails at Home: Sip the Past With Vintage Mixology!

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While everyone likes popular cocktails, some cocktails aren’t so well-known. Certain vintage cocktails are just waiting to be rediscovered. They are considered to be classics and provide a sense of nostalgia to anyone who tries them. Your next house party will be a hit if you learn how to make such a cocktail at home! We have compiled a list of the best vintage cocktails so you can easily learn about them and maybe even try them.

The Best Vintage Cocktails for Your Next House Party 

Do you want to learn how to impress your guests at your next house party? These easy-to-make vintage cocktail recipes will definitely help you make a great impression!

The Hemingway Daiquiri

This cocktail is a homage to Ernest Hemingway. This drink was invented by his favourite bartender in 1921. It was originally called “Papa Doble”. Hemingway used to be more concerned about the quantity of the alcohol rather than the quality. This is why there was no sugar in this drink originally.

However, if you are making this cocktail at home, it’s suggested that you add cherry liqueur to sweeten it. All you need to make this is rum, grapefruit juice, cherry liqueur, lime, and simple syrup. Just shake all the ingredients together and then serve it in a martini glass

The White Russian

The White Russian
The White Russian was created in the 1960s. It became more popular because of the cult film “The Big Lebowski”. It remains one of the more popular cocktails today. This may be because it is easy to prepare while still being delicious. It is easy to make this cocktail at home, making it popular among beginners. 

The ingredients needed are equal parts of vodka, heavy cream, and coffee liqueur. It’s important to use good quality vodka to use Ciroc Ultra Premium Vodka. To make the cocktail, stir the coffee liqueur and vodka in a lowball glass and then layer the heavy cream on top of the drink.

The Old Fashioned

Old Fashioned Cocktail
The Old Fashioned cocktail is a classic at this point. It gives a retro feel to anyone who drinks it. It gained popularity in the 19th century and was even mentioned in the 1895 book “Modern American Drinks”. Movies and shows make it even more popular, as it’s often seen as the favourite drink of rugged characters. It can easily be a staple cocktail for any event, whether a house party or a formal event.

To make this cocktail at home, you need 50 ml of whiskey, sugar, bitters, and cherries. First, you want to mix sugar and bitters before combining whiskey into it by stirring it constantly. Then add ice and the remaining whiskey and serve the classic Old Fashioned cocktail after garnishing with cherries. 

These are just a few classic popular cocktails you need to try. Cocktails like these will remain timeless regardless of the trend in the bartending world. So, choose one and make that cocktail at home to experience history in a cup. You can use vodka like Ciroc Ultra Premium Vodka, whiskies, or any other liquor you like to make classic cocktails. If you want to learn about more cocktail recipes for your next house party or even just for yourself, go to The Bar now for easy recipes!