Cocktails Inspired By The White Lotus

white lotus cocktail inspirations

One of TV’s biggest successes in the last year has been HBO’s The White Lotus, with its opulent world and immersive mystery plots. As tropical landscapes, compelling characters, and hidden secrets come together at the luxurious White Lotus resort, so do some tempting drinks to go along with them. To pay homage to this masterful series, we’ve curated a collection of cocktails inspired by the show’s characters, aesthetics, and unforgettable moments. Let’s embark on a mixology journey to find the drink you can make for your next rewatch!

For Tanya: the Tequila Sunrise

Very few television characters are as memorable as Tanya. She is bubbly and troubled, easygoing and awkward, an open book and hiding something all at once. That (and Jennifer Coolidge’s stellar performance) explains why she’s the only character present in both seasons. Her loveable presence can only be likened to the Tequila Sunrise, a drink impossible to hate. With orange juice and grenadine, this drink exudes all the charisma and oomph that Tanya does.

For Armond: the Old Fashioned

From the very first episode, Armond draws us in with his enigmatic allure. The resort manager is put together for his guests, but we know there are skeletons in his closet, and we are itching to uncover them throughout the first season. That’s why we think he goes best with a classic Old Fashioned. The multiple layers in this drink—smokiness from scotch, sweetness from sugar syrup, and bitterness from, well, bitters—match Armond’s layered character perfectly. 

white lotus cocktails

For Harper: the Irish Coffee

Played by Aubrey Plaza, Harper from the second season of the show is a detached and refined character. She knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to throw a few punches in getting there. For that, we’re giving her an Irish Coffee—elegant with a boozy kick. The whisky and hot coffee combination screams power, as well as a taste for the finer things.

For the Mossbacher family: the Moscow (Mossbacher?) Mule

Run-ins with health threats, theft, and developing relationships: the Mossbacher family from season 1 saw the most unexpected twists in their peaceful family vacation. It’s a lot like the twist that vodka gives to ginger beer and lime juice in the Moscow Mule. We can fully imagine the parents sipping on this cocktail as they unravel the secrets going on in the resort. This drink would’ve definitely taken some of the shock away!

moscow mule

For Valentina: the Gin Fizz

Finally, this one is an ode to season 2’s resort manager. Unlike Armond, we find ourselves sympathizing with Valentina from the beginning, behind her façade of the tough lady. She opens herself up to us and by the end, she is like a friend. That’s why we’re likening her to a gin fizz, a cocktail that feels like a warm hug. Gin, simple syrup, and fresh lemon juice come together to create this drink. No-nonsense, yet reliable, just like Valentina!

And that’s our list. Next time you sit down to watch The White Lotus, make sure you do it with these drinks, so you can feel like you’re on a mystery-filled tropical vacation too! And of course, remember to drink responsibly—you wouldn’t want to miss out o any of the suspense. 

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