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Cocktails That Might Elevate Your Lord Of The Rings Experience A Bit More

lord of the rings cocktails inspiration

If there is ever a time of year to revisit fantasy fiction, it’s winter. Who cares if the sun goes down so much earlier and you haven’t seen light in days? Neither do characters on tough quests. Combat seasonal depressive episodes by immersing yourself into your favourite fictional universes. Middle Earth from Lord of The Rings is definitely a legendary one, and we wanted to pay tribute to this universe for always welcoming us home. 

That’s why we’ve curated a list of cocktails inspired by this classic series. Whether it’s characters, settings, or moments from the stories, we have a drink for it all. Curl up with the book or put on the movies, and keep one of these drinks by your side!

Tequila Sunrise

This is an ode to Mordor’s picturesque sunsets, made with tequila, orange juice, and grenadine. As the sun sets over Mount Doom, and Frodo moves further into his quests, root for him and his companions with the fiery tones of this drink. The boldness from the tequila represents the spirit of the characters, and who doesn’t love the colors of a sunset?

Old Fashioned

For the wise old wizard, Gandalf, few things suit better than this scotch whisky, vermouth, and bitters concoction. It is a nod to his experience and wisdom. In fact, if he existed in the contemporary world, we can totally imagine him sharing his sage advice while sipping this cocktail. The complexity of the drink mirrors the depth of his character, and we are grateful to have both him and scotch whisky in our world.

lord of the rings cocktails

Gin Cucumber Cooler

This one is for the forest of Lothlorien, the ethereal land of the elves. With gin, cucumber slices, and soda, this cocktail is every bit as green and refreshing as the woodland air. The fizz from the soda and the kick of gin are almost like the magic that surrounds this realm, bubbling up to remind us it is more than what meets the eye.

Vodka Cranberry Spritz

With vodka, cranberry juice, triple sec, and soda, the rich red hue of this drink captures Arwen’s devotion to Aragorn. This touching relationship that transcends time and race is a reminder of the power of a good story. It plumbs the depths of emotion and gives us relationships we cannot help but root for. Trust us, make this cocktail and you’ll be rooting for more than just the story!

Irish Coffee

This rich, dark combination of black coffee and Irish cream liqueur pays homage to Gollum, the dark side of the series. His singular fixation on the Ring shows us the unsettling undertones of obsession, and give his character its allure. Top the cocktail off with whipped cream and drink it as a nightcap—let its decadence linger on your palate like Gollum’s lingering infatuation stuck with you.

irish coffee

That’s our list! Whether you’re a seasoned Lord of the Rings fan, or a beginner watcher, these cocktails will help ease you into the immersive experience of entering Tolkien’s fantasy world. Like good stories, good cocktails are made with care, and are layered enough for you to remember them for a long time afterwards. And just like the cocktail sticks with you, let the caution stick as well: remember to drink responsibly, and only when you are of legal age. Cheers, and watch away!