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Delicious Bar Snacks To Pair With Your Cocktails

Delicious Bar Snacks To Pair With Your Cocktails

A nice cocktail and a tasty bar snack, sounds delicious, right? Whether you're going to a cocktail bar or making a cocktail at home, we've compiled a list of the greatest bar snacks for you to try. 

Sticks of Pretzels 
Because pretzels are heavy in salt and starch, they make an ideal snack with alcoholic beverages. Don't forget to match your next drink with the wonderfully soft and slightly sweet fresh-out-of-the-oven pretzels.

Peanuts in Masala Sauce 
You've probably heard of the pairing of tasty cocktails and masala peanuts. If you haven't tried this great pairing yet, you must do so the next time you have your favourite beverage with this bar snack. You won't be able to stop chewing on the flavoured and spiced peanuts. 

Have you tried eating the lusciously soft and creamy pizza while drinking alcohol? A bar snack or supper, a slice of pizza with an appealing cocktail is all you need to feel the explosion of flavours and flirt your way through a combination that you will never tire of.

Consider the cheese that melts in your mouth and the alcohol that tingles your senses. Well, one of the culinary duos that always complement each other is the appetizing cheese and wine. Take a slice of cheese and watch the magic happen the next time you pour yourself some wine, vodka, or even hard liquors like whisky or bourbon. 

fried chicken wings 
If you're seeking for a wonderful bar snack to match with your cocktail and give your senses a thrilling rush, this is exactly what you're looking for. Isn't it fantastic to have a hot batch of chicken wings to nibble on and a martini to sip on?

Fundido Queso 
Do you want something warm and cheesy? Don't look any further! Queso Fundido is a flavourful Mexican meal made with hot melted cheese and other toppings. Grab a beverage, a bowl of chips or tortillas with Queso Fundido, and prepare for an unrivalled explosion of flavours. 

Enjoy the culinary heaven with nachos and alcohol. Isn't a bowl of delectable nachos and a glass of fascinating cocktail enough to make you drool? Whether you want nachos laden with cheese and veggies or simply nachos with dips, they will offer you a crunch of pleasure every time you sip a cocktail.

Glazed Popcorn 
Pair your cocktail with flavoured or caramelized popcorn to add a whole new depth to your drinking experience. The best part about popcorn and drink pairings is that they can be used for any occasion. This mixture offers a wonderful time and a lip-smacking feast for the taste buds whether at home or at the cocktail bar, for a get-together or a full-fledged party. 

Nuts and dried fruits 
If you're searching for a bar snack that won't dominate the flavour of your drink, try Dry Fruits & Nuts. Add roasted or unsalted dry fruits and nuts to your sipping experience. This match goes well with a nice cocktail or a dram of fine whisky.

Dark chocolate 
You will experience the finest marriage of flavours if you get the match correct! Dark chocolates pair well with cocoa-flavoured alcohol or gin cocktails. Pair this bar snack with a nice dram of bourbon or whisky for a more daring approach. 

You now know what to order with your cocktails the next time you go to a cocktail lounge. With so many cocktails to choose from, these bar nibbles will elevate your cocktail experience like never before. Are you tempted to pair these goodies with your next cocktail?

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