Easy Rum Cocktails For Your Next House Party

Easy Rum Cocktails Cover

Prepare to make your house party a memorable occasion with a variety of easy-to-make rum cocktail recipes that are sure to dazzle your guests. These delectable creations combine rum's rich and diverse flavours with a variety of mixers to produce a variety of refreshing and enticing beverages. These cocktails, ranging from timeless classics to tropical twists, are intended to enhance the mood and enjoyment of your event.

Three Easy-To-Make Rum Cocktail Recipes For Your House Party

1. Ginger Rum

Ginger Rum
Looking for effortless elegance? We got you covered. This rum cocktail recipe combines the deep depth of Captain Morgan dark rum with the energetic kick of ginger beer, resulting in a harmonic blend that is both intriguing and refreshing. The complex layers of flavours reveal as you drink this cocktail, taking your taste senses on a voyage of depth and mystery.

- 45 ml Captain Morgan Dark Rum
- 60 ml ginger beer
- Lime wedge for garnish

- Fill a glass with ice.
- Pour in 45 ml of Captain Morgan Dark Rum.
- Squeeze in a few lemon wedges and drop them in the glass.
- Top it up with ginger beer.
- Stir the drink gently with a bar spoon and serve

2. Cap ‘n Cola

Cap ‘n Cola
A classic you can never go wrong with. This popular cocktail combines the rich spiced warmth of Captain Morgan Dark Rum with the fizz of cola to create a symphony of flavours that dance on your tongue.

- 30 ml Captain Morgan Dark Rum
- Cola
- Lime Wedges

- Fill a glass with ice.
- Squeeze a few lemon wedges and drop the wedges in the glass.
- Pour in Captain Morgan Dark Rum and top it up with cola
- Give it a gentle stir and enjoy!

3. Daiquiri

The Daiquiri, with its perfect balance of rum, fresh lime juice, and just the proper amount of sweetness, would take you to a time when artistry and companionship flourished. The attraction of this rum cocktail will elevate your gathering, reminding your guests of the timeless attractiveness of well-crafted cocktail recipes.

- 30 ml Captain Morgan Rum
- 15 ml fresh lime juice
- 10 ml simple syrup
- Lime wheel 

- Fill a shaker with white rum, fresh lime juice and simple syrup.
- Shake well with ice and strain into a cold glass.
- Garnish with a lime wheel on the rim and serve.