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Easy Thandai Inspired Shots: Just Right For A Spring Fling

Easy Thandai Inspired Shots: Just Right For A Spring Fling

What gives us sheer delight is gulping down a boozy shot when you are celebrating a fun occasion like the festival of colours during spring and summer weather. And one of the best ways to craft a shot ideal for such moments is to introduce some regional culinary influences into the booze so you can mark your festive days in keeping with tradition and with just the right hit of a spirited kick. In spring and summer, this can be best achieved by bringing together quality vodka or tequila with the highlight of the season – a delicious thandai savoured for all its creamy, milky and decadent goodness.

Made from milk, sugar and spices like cinnamon and cardamom along with other ingredients like dried fruits and poppy seeds, the thandai has origins in northern India where it has been a popular drink prepared particularly for such festive occasions. When you want to raise the roof at your house party this spring, prepare thandai shots that are sure to introduce a crazy amount of flavour into your drinking game. And what better way to enjoy this boozy kick than with a shot?

Read on below to know more about the different thandai inspired shots you can prepare when you plan a spring bash:

Try These Five Thandai Inspired Shots For Your Next Spring Bash

Paan Thandai Shots

When you are playing mixologist at your house party, get a little bit creative and prepare a refreshing thandai shot filled with the rejuvenating qualities of a masala paan. You can add crushed paan leaves and the paan churi that goes into making this post-meal digestif into your shot recipe along with a sumptuous 30 ml pour of Ciroc Ultra Premium Vodka. The crisp finish of the spirit coupled with the sharp, fresh taste of the paan mixed with creamy thandai would make for a very indulgent shot that packs a lot of flavourful buzz.

Shahi Tukda Thandai Shots

This is a slightly tedious recipe to prepare but gulp a shot of rabdi and thandai infused with Don Julio Blanco, followed with a bite of sweetened bread adorned with dried fruits and cinnamon and you would know what heaven feels like! The hyperbole notwithstanding, shahi tukda and thandai make for a very decadent combination of flavours of cardamom and saffron that blend well with the fruity notes of quality tequila. Craft this perfect party dessert shot for a warm summer evening party.

Classic Thandai Shots

Turn your classic aromatic thandai into a boozy shot by adding a heavy 45 ml pour to thandai syrup or powder mix. Using thandai syrup ensures that the taste of this cooling drink seeps into your spirit, while the pour of premium Smirnoff Triple Distilled Vodka brings to you a spiked kick perfect for a celebratory affair. You can serve thandai flavoured shots at a party you host in favour of the festival of colours that falls in the spring season.

Try These Five Thandai Inspired Shots For Your Next Spring Bash

Berry Thandai Shots

Introduce the flavour of tangy and citrusy mulberries, strawberries and raspberries into your thandai for a spirited shot oozing the sour qualities of berries and the creamy profile of the milk-based drink. To this mix you can add a helping of Don Julio Blanco so the tequila and berries combine well with either a thandai syrup or a few tablespoons of the creamy drink. Berry syrup combined with thandai and tequila would make for a refreshing shot that can be downed in a sweet and sour gulp.

Thandai Kamikaze

Kamikaze is a classic shot fashioned out of vodka, triple sec and lime juice. You can add a helping of thandai to this mix to make it a thandai infused tangy, refreshing gulp, perfect for a warm summer evening. Be sure to add thandai syrup, and not actual thandai because when milk and lime come together, the mix often tends to split. Thandai powder can be your go to for introducing its spicy and aromatic notes into a classic kamikaze to make a very layered and flavourful shot that will dance on your taste buds.


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