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Enhance Your Home Bar Collection With Stunning Tiki Mugs

Enhance Your Home Bar Collection With Stunning Tiki Mugs

Do you love tropical drinks that give exotic vibes? If yes, you need to have a tiki mug in your home bar collection! Basically, tiki mugs are ceramic vessels that come in a variety of shapes and sizes featuring Polynesian idols, animals, or other objects related to tiki culture. The visual appeal of these mugs can add a stunning flair to your cocktail presentations. These creative mugs are so colourful, whimsical, and absolutely fun to drink from. 

Explore the World of Tiki Mugs: A Home Bar Collection Guide

History Of Tiki Mugs

History Of Tiki Mugs
They originated in the 1930s when tiki bars became popular in California and Hawaii. These mugs were creatively crafted taking inspiration from the art and mythology of South Pacific islands. It was designed in such a way that it would give the consumers a tropical escape and adventure. As soon as it was introduced, it piqued the curiosity of many enthusiasts and turned into a popular keepsake. Tiki mugs became a technique of displaying creativity over the years as they were manufactured in many styles and designs to entice cocktail fans.

Tiki mugs are now widely available worldwide and offer an exciting experience of savouring drinks. Whether it’s a casual drinker or a seasoned cocktail enthusiast, these mugs never fail to wow anyone who enjoys cocktails. Tiki mugs are a terrific addition to your home bar since they add a touch of flair, fun and personality to your collection.

Here Are Some Tips On How To Choose Attractive Tiki Mugs For Your Home Bar Collection

Tips On How To Choose Attractive Tiki Mugs
1. Look for artistic mugs

These are more than just drinking vessels; they are works of art. So, when shopping for tiki mugs for your home bar, look for the ones that are long-lasting, of high quality, well-made, and detailed. 

2. Choose the one that suits your taste
Tiki mugs come in a variety of styles, themes, and designs. It could range anywhere from human faces to exotic animals, fruits, skulls, volcanoes and many more. Choose the ones that best fit you based on the types of drinks you enjoy, your personality, and the decor of your home bar. Pirate-themed mugs, for example, would be ideal for rum drinks. Look for pineapple or coconut tiki mugs for tropical cocktails.

3. Mix and match
These mugs are known for their eye-catchy colours like red, green, blue, yellow, orange and brown. If you wish to create a colourful display of tiki mugs, try mixing and matching different hues and tones. You can also have an interesting collection of mugs that have a variety of patterns and textures.

Here Are A Few Types Of Tiki Mugs To Get You Started

Types Of Tiki Mugs
1. Classic tiki mug

Most common and traditional type of mug. Ideally, classic tiki mugs feature motifs such as faces, animals, plants, or symbols. Usually available in brown or green colour and comes in cylindrical or conical shapes. Examples: Moai mug, Fu Manchu mug, Lono mug and Ku mug. 

2. Pop culture tiki mugs
These generally feature characters or references from popular movies, tv shows, comics or games. They come in vibrant colours and whimsical design patterns. Examples: Star Wars mug, Baby Yoda mug, etc.

3. Novelty tiki mugs
These types of tiki mugs have humorous designs and unusual patterns. They don’t have a Polynesian or tropical theme. With quirky and creative designs, they come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Example: skull mugs.

So that was our brief guide to tiki mugs! If you are a home bartender these tiki mugs would definitely add a fun and creative flair to your bar collection!