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Five Apple And Pear Cocktails To Celebrate Summer Harvests

Five Apple And Pear Cocktails To Celebrate Summer Harvests

SUMMERS herald the fragrance of fresh cut grass and bales of hay stacked up in a barn, upon which you can lounge as you while away your vacation with a good book in hand. Summers also mean pool parties and garden affairs where you gather with friends to socialise and make merry with a chilled drink in hand to combat the sweltering heat.

Summers also mean biting into juicy fruits like pears and apples which are refreshing thirst quenchers amidst the rising temperatures.

While apples and pears prominently feature in sweet and savoury culinary recipes marking autumnal breezes, they are also used frequently by mixologists to prepare boozy concoctions. Their acidic notes induce a freshness in summer drinks and their crunchy texture adds a complex structural touch to cocktail mixes. Many refreshing tipples can be prepared by putting these two fruits to use either as freshly chopped garnishes or in the form of ciders and liqueurs that infuse boozy preparations with fruity flavours.

Here are some cocktails that can prepared using apples and pears as the core ingredients:

Apple And Pear Sangria

A bonafide summer delight, sangria can be prepared in large batches at outdoor parties when you host an evening in the garden or on the patio. Sangrias can be made from both red and white wine and contain sweet, sour and tangy notes of chopped fruits and juices which counteract some of the bitter and dry finish in the grapey wines.

You can prepare these fruity delights by infusing them with finely chopped apples and pears for a balance of sweet and refreshing flavours. Both these fruits add a crispy textural layer into the recipe along with a welcoming acidity significant in refreshing summer tipples.

Spicy Apple Sour

Use chopped apples as garnish and apple cider as a mixer to prepare this delectable sweet and sour drink whose fruity tastes are a joyful reminder of summer in a glass. Bring into this drink some spicy notes using a dash of cinnamon and nutmeg powders. Served with lots of ice, the cocktail becomes a well-balanced mix of spicy, sweet and sour notes where all the flavours come together in a harmonious blend. Pour in a splash of whisky or bourbon to pack the drink with an intense kick. We recommend Johnnie Walker Black Label scotch whisky.

Apple And Pear Fizz

What better way to enjoy summers than to sip on a cooling drink while watching the sun set on a warm evening? Prepare a decadent and fizzy apple and pear aperitif enjoyed in the evenings by incorporating pear liqueur and apple cider into some sparkling wine like prosecco or champagne. The bubbly drink will introduce a fizzy texture into the cocktail elevating its acidic, tangy and fruity notes. You can also prepare a garnish using a finely chopped mix of the two fruits to introduce a crunch into this pre dinner tipple.

Pear And Elderflower Collins

A summery floral and fruity take on a classic Tom Collins cocktail, infuse your cocktail made from Tanqueray No. Ten gin with a dash of elderflower liqueur that pairs nicely with some pear puree to bring together a very complex blend of rather fresh flavours. Garnish this drink with freshly powdered cinnamon and a pear slice after topping it up with fizzy club soda so the spicy notes beautifully contrast with the sweet flavours in the drink.

Pear Martini

Another summer delight that can be prepared using this crunchy fruit is a pear martini. This one is quite a popular recipe and involves mixing pear flavoured vodka with a dash of lemon juice and simple syrup to arrive at a balance of sour, sweet and tart flavours. Use a generous 45 ml pour of Ketel One Premium Distilled Vodka to craft this drink that simply oozes freshness. You can garnish it with a pear slice and a lime wheel to celebrate the sweet, crunchy and sour profiles unified in the mix.

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When you are next home hosting a summer party or barbecue, you might want to think of preparing these sweet, tangy and acidic numbers that bring in a refreshing feel to your evening. As always, enjoy responsibly!

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