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Five Vibrant Cocktails Inspired By The Seductive Summer Dusk

sundowner cocktails

IN SUMMERS, the days get longer and the weather is warmer, but what is perhaps the most inviting aspect of the season despite the ever rising heat is the hour of dusk falling just as the sun sets and right before night settles in.

Summertime dusk comes in a slew of warming colours — a whole spectrum of reds and oranges that merge into deep purple, pink and grey skies at twilight. When such dusk descends from the summer skies, it releases a feeling of comfort and a respite from the sweltering heat of the day. A cool breeze might blow on such evenings, taking away with it the discomfort of the prickly heat.

At such an hour of the day, sitting out on the patio with a delicious tipple in hand is among the best ways to enjoy the feels of a summer vacation. Many cocktails are reminiscent of this seductive summer dusk because their hues cast off the warm colours of this hour and reflect the cooling and pleasing character of this time of day.

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When hosting a cocktail evening flagging off at dusk, you might want to relish drinks inspired by these colours and textures of the evening sky. Read on below to know more about the cocktails you can prepare to revel in the beauty of the warm twilit summer evening:

Tequila Sunset

tequila sunset

Bring together grapefruit juice and grenadine syrup with a premium Don Julio Blanco tequila to craft a cocktail with deep pink, red and orange hues that would remind you of the setting sun on a summer evening. Giving the drink a fruity, sweet tropical finish is a maraschino cherries garnish that counteracts some of the sour and tart notes of the pomegranates in the grenadine. Grapefruit juice packs this boozy concoction with a refreshing acidity so that when served chilled, the drink can be savoured on warm evenings for a cooling effect.



A Mexican cocktail that is perfect for tiki parties or laidback island themed gatherings, the paloma can be crafted by mixing Don Julio Reposado tequila with grapefruit soda. Quite like the tequila sunrise, a paloma too is a classic number that celebrates sweet and tart flavours. But the fizzy quality in the drink coupled with a splash of lime juice introduces a zestiness into the cocktail that makes it a fine quencher enjoyed at dusk. The pleasing yellow and white colour of the drink gives a subtle yet dramatic touch to your dusk cocktail hour.

Dusky Daiquiri


While a daiquiri is a classic tropical drink, you can put a slight twist on its recipe to craft a blend that dusk inspires when it settles for a short hour during warm weather. Swap the light rum in favour of a quality Captain Morgan Dark Rum so you can serve a drink that resembles the darker colours of a summer evening. Blend this with lime juice and sugar syrup for a mix of sweet and tangy flavours. Finish this drink off either with crushed ice or a splash of chilled water to savour at cocktail hour.

Sparkling Sunset Spritz

sparkling spritz

Another tipple that reflects the colour palette of dusk is the sunset spritz prepared by bringing together a sparkling wine like prosecco or aperol with an orange twist. A relatively simple spritzer to prepare, this drink acquires a little bit of a welcoming yellow hue that is reminiscent of a pleasing, colourful summer. Colours of dusk are reflected in the deep orange of the citrus twist that infuses sour and tart notes into the sweet and bitter sparkling drink.

Berry Margarita

berry margarita

A purple and pink coloured vibrant mix, the berry margarita can be crafted by putting together strawberry and raspberry syrup or liqueur in a cocktail shaker with lime juice, muddled mint and white rum. The blend is shaken well to combine all ingredients before the colourful full-bodied cocktail is poured into a glass and topped off with club soda. Sweet, sour and tangy, the berry margarita with its seductively warm notes is a chilled tipple that perfectly complements the colours of the dusky sky.

Take in summer sunsets with these delightfully season-appropriate drinks, in the company of your close circle. And as always, do remember to enjoy responsibly!

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