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For International Women’s Day, Mix A Cocktail To Match Her Persona

For International Women’s Day, Mix A Cocktail To Match Her Persona

When you are planning your Women’s Day bash and want to organise a customised affair, one of the best ways to go about it is to craft drinks that resonate with your special someone’s personality. International Women’s Day is all about marking the strength, power and empowerment of the brilliant women figures in your life and to celebrate the virtues of gender equality and freedom commemorated on this special day.

Undoubtedly, it is that time of the year when you have to put your thinking caps on and plan a party which is special and memorable.

One of the ways to do this is to infuse personalised elements into your celebratory affair and making signature cocktails is perhaps an easy yet creative way to achieve that. With customised drinks you can bring together eclectic pairings and ingredients that sing of your special someone’s unique traits that make her, her. And there are several ways in which you can go about crafting these mixes to match her personality.

Personality Type

In mixology, personalising cocktails means curating a drink that suits the specific behaviours of your special someone, such that one sip of the drink would tell you that it is a distinguishing marker of that person. So, while making a personalised drink for her on Women’s Day, identify her personality type either by giving her a quiz to play in secret if you want the drink to be a surprise or turn it into a fun game where she takes the test and you mix a drink according to the results.

Women’s Day Cocktails: Craft A Signature Cocktail That Matches Her Personality

With this, you can prepare an array of cocktails that are most suitable for an adventurous soul or a creative thinker or sassy minx or even a wise sage and a confident social butterfly. Other personality types like the introvert or even the cool and classy ones merit drinks according to their personality which are often crafted using liqueurs and spirits that reflect those notes. So, for a wise one you might opt for a light and cooling cocktail made using elderflower liqueur but for the confident one, you can mix a classic negroni-like drink which is refreshing, vivacious and vibrant just like her personality.

Liquor Preference

Another way to prepare customised cocktails is to gauge your special someone’s liquor preferences. While some women would prefer the smoky and intense notes of a quality Johnnie Walker Red Label, others might be more in sync with the fruity and slightly sweet notes of a premium Don Julio Blanco. Just as you would customise ingredients according to personality traits, so too you might want to consider liquor choices as a determining factor in mixing a flavourful drink she would actually enjoy.

The easiest way to decide this is to look at the flavours your special one prefers, like sweet, sour, bitter or even floral. Accordingly, you can opt for liqueurs or spirits that she would choose. This means, someone preferring herbaceous notes would inevitably go for a gin and tonic, while another who likes a peaty and smoky finish might want to savour a quality single malt. If you know these preferences, making a customised cocktail becomes a very smooth process.

Women’s Day Cocktails: Craft A Signature Cocktail That Matches Her Personality

Homemade Personalised Ingredients

Once you have narrowed down the personality type and the liquor preference, the last step is to stock up on your ingredients. One of the best ways to do this is to make mixers in your kitchen so you can adjust their proportions according to what suits your flavour palate. You would know the taste preferences of the special ladies in your life really well so you can make simple syrup infusions with floral, fruity or spicy notes or even craft your own citrus juices that would enable you to build cocktails according to their taste preferences.

Making these mixers at home also adds a more personal touch to the whole experience especially when you want to go the extra mile to make this day more special for your lady. And if that’s not enough, you can come up with quirky names for the drinks that reflect the moniker or personality of the lucky lady who will savour this mix!


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