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From Mixers to Barware, Gifts Ideas For The Host With The Most

From Mixers to Barware, Gifts Ideas For The Host With The Most

The eternal conundrum: what should I gift the host with the most? You know the type—they've got flair, a knack for nailing the perfect soirée vibe, and a bar that's better stocked than some actual bars. Fret not, for we have stirred up an assortment of gift ideas that'll cement your status as the guest of honour at future gatherings. And yes, we're keeping it strictly fabulous with gifts that have an extra layer of thoughtfulness.

The Spirited Selection

First up, let's talk about spirits. While a bottle of the good stuff is always appreciated, why not add a twist? Pair a bottle of Tanqueray London Dry Gin with a set of artisanal tonic waters. It's a classic with a twist, allowing your host to explore the gin and tonic in a whole new light. For something a bit warmer, a bottle of Singleton could be accompanied by a guide to whisky tasting, turning a simple gift into an immersive experience.

From Mixers to Barware, Gifts Ideas For The Host With The Most

Mix It Up

The host with the most loves going the extra mile to serve the most delicious drinks. Let’s make that easier for them with a bottle of Johnnie Walker Refreshing Mixer, paired with a selection of fresh citrus fruits and a cute little booklet of cocktail recipes. This thoughtful package not only acknowledges their skills but also encourages them to keep at it. Who knows, they might just name their next signature after you?

Barware Brilliance

A great host’s bar is incomplete without the right bar tools. A high-quality cocktail shaker, a set of mixing glasses, or a sleek bar spoon can make all the difference in crafting that perfect drink. Look for pieces that combine functionality with aesthetics—think copper shakers or crystal mixing glasses—or tailor the pieces to their individual style. For hosts that like basking in luxury, go maximalist. For those who like to keep their design light, go for an understated Scandinavian vibe.

From Mixers to Barware, Gifts Ideas For The Host With The Most

Glassware Glamour

Good glassware doesn’t have to be an afterthought when whipping up drinks at the bar. They are a design statement—the first thing that catches your eye about a drink. Whether it’s a set of cut crystal whisky tumblers or some elegant coupe glasses, choosing something that fits your host’s style can add a personal touch. Imagine being served their signature martini in a glass you gifted them—pure joy.

The Ultimate Mixologist's Book

A beautifully bound cocktail recipe book could be the key to unlocking new recipes. Look for something comprehensive, covering everything from classic cocktails to modern twists to the historical significance of timeless concoctions. This gift is not only going to be a good addition to their coffee table, but it will also inspire them to pick up the bar tools and try something new.

In the world of hosting, it's the little details that make a big difference. By choosing a gift that reflects the host’s passion for mixology and entertainment, you’re not just thanking them for a great evening; you’re celebrating their artistry.

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