Gifts For People With A Sweet Tooth

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We all have that one friend or family member with the sweetest tooth. They'll only ever order or serve sweet cocktails and they always choose cake over cheese for dessert. If you're looking for a bottled gift or cocktail recipes for someone who is all about the sweet life, you're in luck! We've teamed up with drinks experts and our team to bring you our top gifting recommendations that will go down a treat. Let's get into it!

Gift Ideas For Sweet-Toothed People

1. Best vodka gift ideas

vodka gift ideas
If you want to impress your sweet-toothed, vodka-loving bestie, why not gift them a bottle of Ciroc Ultra Premium Vodka? This vodka is known for its smooth taste and unique flavour. The other good thing about gifting Ciroc Ultra Premium Vodka is that there are lots of fruity flavours to choose from if you can get your hands on the variations of the brand, like CÎROC Apple, which has a crisp and juicy flavour with hints of citrus and vanilla, or CÎROC Red Berry, which has an aromatic fresh berry flavour going on and it's balanced by a smooth and silky finish that warms the palate. But if citrus flavours are more their thing, Smirnoff Premium Lime is the one. It's really tasty and made from fresh, natural lime. They can use it to whip up a Smirnoff Lime Vodka and Lemonade.

Sweet vodka cocktail recipe ideas

1. Strawberry Eastside
A sweet variation of a classic drink. Instead of rum, you use vodka to make it. To mix it up, just blend some fresh strawberries, simple syrup, a little lime juice, and ice with the vodka. It's tasty and sweet - they'll love it!

2. Passion Star Martini
Always a club classic! Combining fruity passion fruit with Ciroc Ultra Premium Vodka and creamy vanilla syrup. And the touch of fizz on the side will always brighten any day!

2. Best whisky gifts

whisky gifts
Are you searching for a gift for your dad who has a sweet tooth but also loves whisky? Consider gifting him a bottle of Johnnie Walker Black Label Blended Scotch Whisky. This whisky has a fruity aroma with a hint of vanilla and toffee and a sweet fruit taste. Your dad can even use it to make a Pina Colada by mixing 40ml of Johnnie Walker Black Label Blended Scotch Whisky, 60ml of pineapple juice, 30ml of coco lopez (coconut syrup), 10ml of lime juice, and a pinch of salt. Another delicious option is a Whisky Salted Caramel Old Fashioned. Whisky gifts can be just as delightful and satisfy that sweet craving, it's just about experimenting with different flavours and ingredients. Just remember to balance the sweetness with the bold whisky taste.

Sweet whisky cocktail recipe ideas

1. Sweet Manhattan
As the name suggests - this is on the sweeter side. Perfectly complementing the light spice of oak and honeyed vanilla in a whisky, sweet vermouth plays a key role in this cocktail.

2. Old Fashioned
With the second ingredient being sugar syrup, an Old Fashioned is pared back, a stirred-down cocktail that allows the whisky to shine with that additional sugary touch.

3. Ultimate rum gift ideas

rum gift ideas
It's your brother's birthday and you want to get him a bottled gift. He has the sweetest tooth in the family, he always has, but he will only drink rum so why not treat him to a bottle of the finest? Captain Morgan Rum is sure to impress. Not only is it one of the best rum brands in the world, but it's smooth and sweet with some spice and a lot of vanilla. It's such a great gift for rum enthusiasts and it comes in a fancy gift box. He can use it to mix up his favourite cocktail - a Rum Old Fashioned. 

Sweet rum cocktail recipe ideas

1. Mai Tai
This cocktail is made by blending light and dark rum, along with orange liqueur, lime juice, almond syrup (also called orgeat syrup), and sometimes simple syrup. The end result is a deliciously sweet and fruity beverage. Yum.

2. Painkiller
A tropical favourite that combines fruity, spicy rum with sweet coconut and pineapple. This will add sweet, sunshine vibes to any day!

4. Best gin gifts for your loved one

gin gifts
You know your mum loves gin and sweet and citrusy gin cocktails, so why not gift her a bottle of Tanqueray NO. Ten Gin? The great thing about Tanqueray NO. Ten Gin is, as it has a botanical profile and fresh taste, provides a playground for crafting fruity concoctions like Tanqueray NO. Ten Gin & Juice. She can use it to whip up drinks like a Negroni or a Marmalade Martini. 

Our sweet gin cocktail recipe ideas

1. Bramble
Bringing in the fruity sweetness of crème de mure (otherwise known as blackberry liqueur) this will offer a great start to any night.

2. Spanish 75
A little bit of fizz always sweetens the deal! Mix Tanqueray NO. Ten Gin with lemon juice and sugar syrup, then top with champagne - a great alternative brunch cocktail.

5. Baileys Original Irish Cream Liqueur

Irish Cream
The perfect no-brainer gift for people with a sweet tooth deserved a separate category for the same. If you're buying a gift for someone who loves Irish cream and is big on dessert drinks, you should definitely gift them a bottle of Baileys Original Irish Cream Liqueur. This OG Bailey's option will 100% win you brownie points. And if they love coffee too, they can whip up a Baileys Espresso Martini which hits the sweet spot every time. 

If you're looking for something for someone who is crazy about chocolate, coffee and Baileys (is there a better combo?) they're in for a treat. You can use the Baileys Original Irish Cream Liqueur to bake them a Baileys Chocolate and Espresso Cake. The perfect treat for a loved one who loves to have their cake and drink it too, right? 

Our Baileys Original Irish Cream Liqueur cocktail ideas

1. Flat White Martini
With Bailey's as the star of the show, this take on an espresso martini offers all the creamy, sweetness with that underlying buzz of coffee.

2. Bailey's Grasshopper
A bit of a retro throwback with this one! Combine equal parts Bailey's, crème de menthe, and crème de cacao for a bright, sweet, dessert cocktail.

So there you have it. If you're looking for the perfect gift or cocktail recipe for someone with a sweet tooth, there are so many great choices out there. From rum drinks and fruity cocktails that are sweet enough to transport your loved one to paradise, to yummy dessert cocktails or chocolate drinks, there's something for every sweet tooth out there!

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