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Gin-tastic Delights: Top Drinks To Make With Gin

Monkey Gland

Gin, a captivating spirit, offers an intriguing world of mixology possibilities. What sets it apart is the diverse range of botanicals used in its production, leading to unique flavour profiles that vary from brand to brand. These different options give mixologists and cocktail fans a lot of freedom to make a wide range of Gin-based concoctions. From the timeless elegance of the classic martini to contemporary creations, Gin forms the foundation for some of the most iconic and beloved cocktails. Its adaptability, coupled with its botanical complexity, makes Gin an essential ingredient for exploring the art of cocktail craftsmanship.

No matter how much you know about gin or how new you are to it, these classic cocktails are a must-try. Each has its own special charm that will last.

Classic Gin Martini 

A famous and well-known drink around the world is the dry gin martini. There are many drinks that are called "martinis," but the real one is a simple, classic mix. You only need good gin and dry vermouth, but there are many ways to make it. People always argue about the "right" way to make a martini, from gin to vodka, dry to wet or dirty, and whether to shake or stir it. Still, the only right way is the way you like it, since you're the one to drink it.

Gin & Tonic 

The gin and tonic is a simple drink with only two ingredients that is often used as the base for a gin highball. Its simplicity ensures it's a difficult one to get wrong and is a reliable choice, whether at the bar or in your home. This combination offers a dry, less sugary alternative among soda highballs. While there are variations in quality, it's challenging to create an unpleasant gin and tonic. However, opting for a quality gin and premium tonic water, along with the essential addition of fresh lime, elevates this classic cocktail to a whole new level.


In the world of cocktails, the gimlet is a real classic. It is known as one of the best gin sours. Gin and lime drink are mixed to make a sweet-tart symphony that goes well with the botanical notes in the gin. This drink is elegant because it is so simple. When you drink a gimlet, it's like waking up your taste buds in a good way. It's a pure and satisfying experience that shows why this cocktail is so popular.


When seeking the quintessential pre-dinner cocktail, the Negroni takes centre stage. Comprising gin, sweet vermouth, and Campari, it embodies the essence of aperitifs, making it the ideal appetite enhancer. This classic cocktail, renowned for its acquired taste due to Campari's bitterness, becomes an irreplaceable companion to meals once you acquire the taste. Surprisingly versatile, it complements various cuisines, although it finds its best match in Italian fare, creating a delightful harmony between the cocktail and the culinary experience.

Aviation Cocktail 

Once difficult to produce due to the scarcity of its primary ingredient, creme de violette, the Aviation cocktail has regained preference in the modern cocktail revival. We can once again appreciate this extraordinary beverage, now that certain brands are producing this stunning purple liqueur. In addition to creme de violette, all you need is gin, maraschino, and fresh lemon juice to make this simple but delicious cocktail. The mix of gin, cherry, violets, and lemon produces an attractive classic with a long and storied history, thanks to its magnificent visual appeal and distinctive floral flavour.

Monkey Gland 

Gin and orange juice form a delightful flavour pairing, but among the well-known gin cocktails, the Monkey Gland stands out as an intriguing favourite. Despite its amusing name and unique inspiration, it offers a pleasant surprise. Initially, it combines gin, orange juice, and grenadine to create a fantastic drink. However, to elevate it, a touch of absinthe is introduced, adding an underlying hint of anise that transforms this cocktail from merely good to absolutely spectacular, delivering an extra dimension to its taste profile.


The Floradora, less known than other cocktails, earns its spot for two compelling reasons: it beautifully highlights the gin-raspberry combination, and it has a knack for winning hearts. Its popularity surged when a technology webcast featured its recipe, introducing this classic gem to an entirely new audience. Comprising gin, lime, raspberry, and ginger ale, its charm lies in its simplicity. If you haven't sampled it yet, you're overlooking a hidden treasure in the world of cocktails that skillfully marries the vibrant flavors of gin and raspberry with the refreshing effervescence of ginger ale.


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