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Give Your Home And Bar A Christmassy Feel With These 6 Decor Ideas

christmas home decor

The wintry holiday season and Christmas festivities are the perfect occasion to bring friends and family together, sing carols and spread a jaunty cheer. This is also a time to deck up your home in resplendent glittery colours and merry palettes to illuminate your house with the Yuletide spirit. A snazzy Christmas decor is not only essential when you plan to engage in home hosting galore, but is also a lovely way to breathe new life into your home and fill it up with bright and cheerful vibes.

Dive into last year’s decorations and figure out what you can salvage, bring home DIY kits to turn Christmas decoration into a bonding activity and light up your home in hues of red, green, gold and silver to mark the holiday. For a connoisseur, along with designing a Christmas decor for the home, decking up the bar is just as essential. Do up the home bar in such a way that these design hacks complement your hosting needs too without requiring too many alterations. An overarching Christmas theme across the home and bar even when you aren't entertaining will infuse the rooms with a delightful festive feel here to stay through the holiday season.

Read on below for a few handy tips and tricks to make your home bar and house light up with Christmas merriment:

Christmas Glow And Sparkle

Glittery stars, golden streamers, metallic frames, bells, baskets, branches, snowflakes and twinkling bar signs will all add a festive glow to your home. Line up staircases with streamers and garlands laced with tons of ribbons and sequined fabric wrapped in golden lights. Create a map of your home on a mood board and figure out how best to spread out all your decorations without giving the house too gaudy an appearance.

Wreaths And Greens

One of the best ways to decorate your home during Christmas is to hang up a wreath at the front door with a couple of jingling bells. Use a similar but smaller wreath to deck up your home bar or liquor cabinet. To jazz it up further, hang up mistletoe, basil, holly berries, cedar branches and line the shelves with pine cones. Flower garlands with greens and pines encased in metallic silver mesh will also make for a good idea to decorate bar stools.

christmas bar at home

Glittery Lights

Christmas is all about lighting up the house with bright, twinkly lights that spread positive vibes and festive cheer. Bring home long rows of fairy lights and lend your home bar a warm and inviting glow. You can use candelabras on winter evenings too, studded with red and green candles to introduce an enhanced festive feel into simple home decor. In your small home garden, line the borders with fairy lights or make a canopy if you plan to host an outdoor party.

Festive Barware

To deck up your bar, churn out all the fancy barware which matches the festive vibe. This means you can use green and red linen, wooden shakers and metal stirrers, crystal punch bowls and ladles lined with a gold or silver tinge. Glasses can either be decorated with a Christmas ornament, and decanters can be cleaned willed into having a sparkly shine. During Christmas, use lots of wood, metal and greens to decorate your bar.

home decor for festive season

Decorative Furnishing

If you want to go over-the-top, you can add a bit of wood furnishing to the home that exudes Christmas themes. This means adorning your drawing room with a wooden lamp, curtains and tapestries done up in green-gold, and shelves and cabinets lined with ribbons, pine cones and garlands—all of which are rather warm and inviting, suited to the season’s festivities.

Christmas Tree 

Is there anything better than a wonderful evergreen pine, decked up to the nines to celebrate the festive season? A beautiful mini Christmas tree next to your home bar will spruce it up no end. You can decorate the tree with sparkly, metallic ornaments, stockings and streamers for a thoroughly starry and glittery appeal.

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