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Have You Tried The Daiquiri's Miniature Version, The Snaquiri?

Daiquiri and Snaquiri

Daiquiri, a classic cocktail, enjoys wide popularity across the world. This 19th century drink, which even novelist Ernest Hemingway loved, continues to evolve over time. That’s why there are innovative variations even after nearly 200 hundred years. One of its recent variations is Snaquiri — that is Daiquiri in a shot! But Snaquiri didn't start off as a shooter, it was actually two full-sized drinks! Fascinating, right? Here's the origin story of Snaquiri.

Origin Of Snaquiri

The drink was created and named in 2010 by New York City's Dutch Kills' mixologist Karin Stanley. She was in a bar with her peer and they started talking about their favourite drinks. Stanley, without hesitation, said hers was Daiquiri. At this point, they started ordering two of the cocktail at a time, which came in a tumbler and coupe glass. They would shoot the one that came in a tumbler and sip the one from the coupe. After a few drinks, puns started flowing and the Snaquiri was created. The pineapple Snaquiri became a regular offering at Dutch Kills. And the rest is history.

The drink began to appear on the menus of other well known bars such as Weather-Up. The consumption of Daiquiri as a shot was also popularised at The Brooklynite in San Antonio, Texas. While the drink was steadily beginning to make its presence known, its name 'Snaquiri' hadn't really caught up. It took a feature in The New York Times in 2014 for 'Snaquiri' to have a recall value. Ben Schott, who wrote the article on 'secret vocabulary of NYC bars' mentioned Snaquiri, and described it as 'a sneaky, pre-daiquiri daiquiri'.


The Snaquiri too evolved to drinkers' taste. It began to be served as a shot rather than a double-sized Daiquiri drink. And this change was lapped up! Snaquiri was not to be had alone, but with the companionship of other drinkers. In bars, workers took DTO or  Daiquiri Time Out and had a Snaquiri shot to break the monotony.

Today, the Snaquiri is considered a cocktail amuse-bouche. It is served in tiny flutes which make for the perfect palate refresher. It is also called simply 'Snaq' rather than Snaquiri. The drink has gone through a topsy turvy journey from being two full-sized drinks to a shot, from being called Snaquiri to Snaq!

Want to try making Snaq at home? Here's the recipe for the cocktail.


25 ml Captain Morgan
7.5 ml Freshly squeezed lime juice
5 ml rich Sugar syrup
5 ml Chilled water or ice
4 drops Daiquiri bitters


Shake all the ingredients with ice and then finely strain the contents into a chilled mini coupe glass.


Original Snaquiri Recipe by Karin Stanley


60 ml Dry white rum
30 ml Lime juice
23 ml Simple syrup
1 Lime wheel for garnish


Take a shaker and add a large piece of ice and all the ingredients in it. Shake well. Strain the contents into a coupe glass.

While it is normal to learn about spirits and cocktails and enjoy them, it is key to consume alcohol moderately. It is absolutely necessary that one serves and drinks responsibly for good health and to stay out of any harm's way. If you know anyone who finds it difficult to control their alcohol consumption, please refer them to a professional.

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