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Here Are Six Weird Hangover Cures For The Morning After A Big Bash

weird hangover cures

Hangover cures abound, from raw eggs to banana smoothies, to make your mornings after a night of heavy drinking smoother and devoid of headaches. One of the worst things to contend with after a really good party is the fear of a hangover and of seeing your night in reverse when you start your day bent over a toilet throwing up your guts! But fret not, for hangover cures are as old as drinking traditions and are made up of some of the most bizarre and unthought of ways to get rid of headaches and nausea.

There are some rituals followed in certain regions and cultures too, specifically for curing hangovers the morning after an incredible feast. These fun tricks are ways to ease the effect of a night of binge drinking and to rid your body of the toxins accumulated when so much booze is ingested. Some genuinely alleviate your hangover symptoms, while others might just be ways to distract your mind with a worse taste and an even worse smell than the nausea you might experience!

Here are some weird cures and rituals around the world that you can put to use the next time you drink an amount that threatens a hangover:

pickle juice

Pickle Juice

In many countries including Poland, pickle juice is considered to be a remedy for curing a bad hangover because of its high electrolyte content. Open a pickle jar and gulp the juice down the morning following a crazy party to replenish all the lost salts in the body. There is a singular pleasure derived from a pickle jar swig because its salty and tangy notes also activate your taste buds and rid your mouth of the bitter taste left behind by a potent spirit.

menudo for hangovers


If you go looking for weird cures to hangovers, you’ll find something quirky in the tradition of consuming menudo after a night of partying. Menudo is a very spicy stew made in red pepper broth and is really not for the fainthearted. The soup will make you sweat and your nose drip but at least you will forget all about the nausea induced by a wicked hangover.

lemons as hangover cures

Lemons Under Your Armpit 

There are cures which you have to ingest and then there are those external hacks which supposedly make you feel better and help combat the effects of dehydration caused by excessive drinking. The practice of rubbing lemons under your armpits can be traced back to Puerto Rico where it is also utilised as a pre-booze trick to prevent headaches. All you have to do is literally just rub lemon slices in your armpits – as weird as that might sound – to prevent dehydration right before gulping your first shot at a party when you know you’re going to be drinking hard.

sardines and toast

Sardines On Toast

Sardines are a rather oily fish and frying them means this greasy liquid oozes out of them giving the fried dish a very fatty quality. Sardines on toast is considered to be an ideal breakfast when you are curing yourself of a hangover because the oil and salt content in the fish can be helpful to settle a queasy stomach.

bone broth

A Hot Shower And Bone Broth

Actually, this is a hot shower to be taken in the dark! If you wake up when it is still dark out, pop into the shower to derive a bit of relief from a splitting headache. Follow this up with a warm bone broth which will have a calming effect on a stomach doing somersaults. Make sure the broth is really piping hot to extract all its soothing qualities and taste.

breakfast vodka

Breakfast Vodka

You might not want to see alcohol again the morning after a party but believe it to be the best cure for a hangover! In Mongolia, you would be served with vodka in a teacup if you have a bad headache to take away its debilitating effect. So, the next time you drink heavily, wake up and pour yourself a gulper to quickly get rid yourself of all sorts of hangover symptoms.

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