Hilarious Drinking Games For April Fools' Day

drinking game

That one day of the year when tomfoolery isn't just tolerated but celebrated is just around the corner. And what better way to partake in April 1 festivities than by mixing in some hilariously themed drinking games? Gather 'round, for we are about to spill the beans on some side-splitting games that'll have your squad giggling.

The Cocktail Conundrum

Here's a game that's part quiz, part taste test, and all parts hilarious. Whip up a batch of cocktails using spirits like Smirnoff Vodka, Captain Morgan Rum, or Johnnie Walker Black Label, but here's the twist: one ingredient in each drink is swapped out for something absurdly inappropriate (think pickle juice in place of lime juice). Players must guess the rogue ingredient. Get it right, and you're safe; get it wrong, and take another bewildering sip. It's a guessing game that tests your palate and your poker face.

The Fizzy Fortune Teller

This one requires a bit of prep. Create a series of ‘fortune’ cards that predict the next drink a player must down. It could be anything from a neat 30 ml shot of Tanqueray Gin to a bizarre mix like a ‘beer-tail’ made with equal parts beer and Baileys Irish Cream (yes, it's as peculiar as it sounds). Shuffle the fortunes and let each player draw their destiny. The results are as unpredictable as April weather, ensuring laughter at every turn.

drinking game

Blind Bartender

Put your mixology skills to the test—blindfolded. Players take turns donning a blindfold and creating a cocktail from ingredients laid out before them. The catch? Not all ingredients are cocktail-friendly. Among your usual suspects, throw in some curveballs like soy sauce or Sriracha. The creator of the most (in)credible cocktail wins, while everyone else must brave a sip of their monstrous creations.

The Dubious Dub

This game is all about dubbing over famous movie drinking scenes, but with a twist. Mute a scene and take turns voicing over the characters, making them say the most ludicrous things about the drinks they're having. Perhaps James Bond is now debating the merits of a Smirnoff martini over a cup of English breakfast tea. Record your dubs and play them back for a vote. The most hilariously convincing dub wins a prize (or the relief of not having to down a mystery shot).


drinking gameTipsy Tower

Ever played Jenga? Well, Tipsy Tower is Jenga's mischievous cousin. Each block has a drinking challenge written on it, ranging from taking a 30-ml shot of Captain Morgan Rum to inventing a cocktail using three ingredients chosen by the group. As the tower gets wobblier, so do the players, leading to some truly memorable cocktail creations and challenges.

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