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Holiday Gifting Ideas: A DIY Gimlet Cocktail Set

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The holiday season is almost here, so why not gift an experience in the form of a do-it-yourself gimlet cocktail set? Rooted in maritime traditions, the gimlet is an evergreen drink that combines history and elegance. In this guide, we'll explore the art of curating a bespoke gimlet cocktail set, complete with quality ingredients, stylish accessories, and the necessary tools for crafting the perfect drink. From choosing the right spirits to including personalised touches, let's create a gift that not only brings joy but also elevates the cocktail experience for the person receiving the gift.

To Maritime Traditions - The Gimlet

The gimlet is a drink that has been in existence for well over a century. In the 1800s, scurvy–caused by a vitamin C deficiency–was very prevalent, and affected the sailors of the British Royal Navy. In fact, it was one of the largest causes of death at the time. Sailors and officers were recommended to consume lemons, but on their own, lemons were difficult to ingest. At some point, a mixture containing sugar and lemon juice was concocted, and eventually, an officer tried his hand at mixing it with gin, giving birth to the gimlet. The drink not only tasted good but also ensured that the sailors and officers received their daily dose of vitamin C. With time, the cocktail became a favourite among the masses around the world. 

How to Gimlet 101

To make a perfect gimlet, use 60 ml of good quality gin (Gordon’s, Tanqueray, etc) followed by 30 ml of lime cordial and shake over ice. Pour the concoction into a chilled glass and that’s it! The result is a timeless drink that brings out the botanicals of the gin along with the fresh zestiness of lime. To complete the cocktail, garnish with cucumber or lime.

Now, let's transform this classic cocktail into a heartwarming DIY gift set for the holidays.

gimlet set

DIY Gimlet Cocktail Set: A Timeless Gift

Step 1: Gather the Essentials

In a festive basket or box, assemble the key components for the perfect gimlet.

-- One good bottle of gin (e.g., Gordon’s, Tenneray or a brand of your preference).

-- Lime cordial – artisanal or homemade.

-- A shaker for mixing

-- A jigger for measuring

-- A set of coupe glasses 

-- Snacks like salted peanuts or cream and onion chips 

-- Garnishes (dehydrated lime slices, baked lemon peel powder or herbs like rosemary or thyme)

Step 2: Personalise the Experience

Add a handwritten recipe card containing the recipe for a gimlet. You can also add a small note describing the origins of the drink. For an added touch of personalisation, you can consider monogramming the cocktail shaker. Use a holiday-themed ribbon to seal off the basket or box along with personalised photographs or tags to complete the DIY kit.

Step 3: Enhance with Extras

Take the snacks and accompaniments a notch up and transform your kit from simple to avant as a way of making the experience more refined. Think gourmet nuts, artisanal cheeses, or stuffed and preserved olives. You can also add a QR code for a playlist featuring the favourite tunes of the person receiving the cocktail set.

Sipping, Gifting, and Celebrating the Season

When you share a DIY gimlet cocktail set, you share the uniqueness of a drink that has been around for more than a century. The gift perfectly captures the essence of the holiday season – one of sharing, celebration and simple, beautifully crafted pleasures. Let the sounds of the clinking of glasses resonate with the spirit of the season. Cheers to the joy of giving and the art of crafting the perfect gimlet!