Hosting A Birthday Party - Essential Tips

Hosting A Birthday Party

Everyone loves a birthday party: the cake, the cocktails, the food, the vibe. But not everyone loves hosting one. A great party creates memories that will last a lifetime but hosting a birthday party can be stressful. Looking for inspo? Worry not. We’re excited to drop our top hosting tips and tricks for a memorable, stress-free birthday party so you can have as much fun as everyone else on the big day.

Hosting Tips For a Memorable Birthday Party

1. To Theme Or Not To Theme

The party is only half the fun. The other half is showing off your creativity. Themes are a great way of taking a party to another level, as you can go all out with everything from the food to the décor and cocktails. If you prefer to keep things simple, that's perfectly fine. Something a little low-key, like a taco party, will go down well. You can decorate your space with bright colours and create a DIY taco bar lined with a mix of fillings. Don’t forget the Margaritas! If you want to level up on a theme, fancy dress is a good shout too. Why not pick something like a Studio 54 theme and get everyone to come dressed in outfits from the '70s? A Great Gatsby-themed bash is another fun option - all the glitz and glamour is a cool way to transport all your guests to the roaring twenties.

2. It's All About Cocktail Hour

Hosting a good birthday party needs delicious cocktails. We eat and drink with our eyes first, so cocktails that look and taste good will always impress. Get creative with your cocktail recipes by freezing edible flowers inside ice cubes, or play around with cocktail garnishes by infusing your alcohol with fruits, spices or herbs. Dig out your vegetable peeler and create thin slices of cucumber to use as a garnish for your G&T. The possibilities are endless! If you've decided to have a theme, why not tailor the drinks to it? Like an Old Fashioned for a Mad Men theme party or a Margarita for a Cinco de Mayo celebration. If you're not going for a theme, treat your guests to some classic crowd-pleasers instead. You can't go wrong with an Aperol or a non-alcoholic elderflower spritz to get the party started. And as no one wants to be stuck in the kitchen for long, mixing up cocktails endlessly; batch, batch, batch. Prep all drinks beforehand to have as much time with your guests as possible. And don't worry if you don't have the right bar equipment. You can use a big bowl or an empty bottle that's big enough to hold your batched cocktails.

3. A Birthday Cocktail To Remember

Another year around the Sun calls for a celebration. And if you're hosting a birthday party for a milestone like a 30th, 40th or 50th, it's an excellent opportunity to go all out to help make your loved one feel like a true VIP. Everyone loves birthday cake, right? But try mixing things up by creating a signature cocktail like a special birthday cake cocktail (yes, they are actually a thing!). A Birthday Cake Martini, which pretty much tastes like cake in liquid form, is a real crowd-pleaser. You'll need Baileys, cream and a ton of sprinkles! Another option is a Baileys Freakshake drink: vanilla ice cream, coffee, a little milk, and a generous shot of Baileys Irish Cream topped with whipped cream and as many toppings as possible.

4. A Food Menu To Impress

Now, let's talk about the food menu. Whether it's a full-on spread or a few nibbles, the food needs to be tasty, and variety is key so that your vegan and gluten-free guests are covered too. A buffet or finger food is a nice and easy option, as the food can be easily consumed while standing up or sitting down. We're big fans of a beautifully curated charcuterie board. Not only do they just so look pretty, but it's such a great way to create a palette for all palates. Not forgetting how aesthetically pleasing they look on the 'gram. They're also easy to make and can contain any of your favourite ingredients. As a general rule of thumb, include a variety of cheeses, cured meats, fresh fruit, olives and crackers. Of course, you can create an equally yummy plant-based option too! Just make sure you're pairing your snacks of choice with the right drinks. With cocktails, it depends on which individual elements you have included on your board. Meats like duck, prosciutto and salami will pair well with gin cocktails, allowing your guests' tastebuds to feel excited rather than overpowered by the delicate notes of gin. Whisky works exceptionally well with cheese if that's the way you want to go. Johnnie Walker Blue Label and a soft brie is a fantastic match. Or a Singleton (and soda) with baked camembert.

5. Make A Statement Table Centrepiece

If the mood of the party you're hosting is 'go big or go home', we recommend having a standout party backdrop area. You can't go wrong with a balloon wall (in our humble opinion). They're easy to make too, which is always a good thing, and you won't need to drain your party budget to have one. And then there's the fact that they're Insta-worthy, so your friends will definitely be posting pictures. Why not create a hashtag, and ask your guest to include this in their posts? You could also create a personalised photo booth with frames and props from charity shops. Finally, no party is complete without a table centrepiece. If you're going for a statement option, stock up on pretty plates and glassware, colourful bowls, and flowers to make your centrepiece sing. It can be tricky (and pricey) to get enough tableware if you're hosting a birthday party for a large group, but you can pick up recyclable paper plates that look as good as the real thing. Candles will also help add visual interest to your table's atmosphere.

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