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How To Host A Spectacular Sangeet In Your Own Garden

How To Host A Spectacular Sangeet In Your Own Garden

PICTURE THIS: a celebration under the canopy of the sky, where the only stars are the ones twinkling above and the music is as real as the laughter and clinking of glasses. This isn't your usual backyard bash. It’s a grand garden sangeet, meant to be an ode to the great outdoors as well as the art of fine drinking.

Setting the Natural Stage

First things first, let's talk setting. Transform your garden into an ethereal venue with strings of fairy lights that mimic constellations and lanterns that flicker like fireflies. Use rustic wooden furniture to add a touch of the earthy vibe, and for that splash of colour, throw in cushions and throws in vibrant hues. A vibrant Kantha print or blue ikat piece will make your sangeet more cheery. And don't forget the dance floor—a grassy patch under the moonlight will do just fine.

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A Toast to Extravagance

Now, onto the main act: the premium cocktails, concocted with nature in mind and curated spirits. Each drink is a sip of the wilderness, blending the traditional essence of a Sangeet with the untamed spirit of the garden.

How To Host A Spectacular Sangeet In Your Own Garden

The Wildflower Whisky Sour

Let’s kick off with the Wildflower Whisky Sour, a twist on the classic that brings the garden into your glass. Mix 45 ml of Black & White Scotch Whisky with fresh lemon juice, a dash of wildflower honey syrup, and an egg white for that silky smooth finish. Shake it up, and there you have a cocktail that will keep your guests energetic and refreshed through the night.

The Herbal Harmony

For something that sings of the garden's greenery, try the Herbal Harmony. Muddle fresh basil and cilantro with 45 ml of Antiquity Blue, add a splash of lime juice, and top it with tonic water. It’s herbaceous, it’s zesty, and it’s like sipping on the essence of an herb garden in full bloom.

The Twilight Tamarind Fizz

As the evening draws in, the Twilight Tamarind Fizz is your go-to. Stir together 45 ml of Smirnoff Vodka with tamarind concentrate for that tangy kick, a bit of ginger syrup for warmth, and soda water for fizz. It’s a cocktail that captures the magic of traditional gatherings, combining nostalgia with the excitement of seeing relatives you didn't know existed!

How To Host A Spectacular Sangeet In Your Own Garden

The Midnight Mango Mojito

Embrace the tropical night with the Midnight Mango Mojito. Muddle ripe mango with mint leaves, add 45 ml of Captain Morgan Original Spiced Gold for that extra warmth, a squeeze of lime, and a dash of soda. It’s a drink that’s as heartwarming as the midnight dance of the bride and groom under the stars.

The Starlit Sangria

No garden party is complete without a sangria, and the Starlit Sangria is a constellation in a cup. Blend 60 ml of Royal Challenge Whisky with white wine, a splash of sparkling water, chopped peaches, and starfruit for that celestial touch. It’s fruity, it’s bubbly, and it’s perfect for toasting under the night sky.

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