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How To Host An Oscars Style Red Carpet Event: 7 Glam Tips

By: Neelanjana Mondal

How To Host An Oscars Red Carpet Style Party

THE OSCARS are among the most glamorous events of the year, not to mention a very prestigious honour in the film world. You should definitely mimic the ceremony or at least the format for one of your events — whether at home or an external venue — for a night to remember. So, roll out the red carpet and get ready to usher in your guests, celebrity-style for a night of gossip, and drama. 

1. The Dress Code

The Oscars is a black tie event with men needing to wear tuxedos, and women formal gowns. But your event need not be so stringent and there is always room for flexibility; do keep the dress code formal enabling guests to come in saris, sherwanis or their traditional dresses. If that feels like too stiff an affair, you can relax the dress code and ask them to come in semi-formal wear. Make sure to include inspiration to help the more hesitant guests out. 

How To Host An Oscars Style Red Carpet Event: 7 Super Tips

2. Roll Out The Red Carpet

Literally roll out a red carpet or rug to mimic the iconic Oscars look. Have guests walk down the carpet and pose for photos. Make a backdrop with your event name or logo. The red carpet sets the tone for a special, upscale affair.

3. The Paparazzi Experience

Place photographers along the carpet to snap pictures of guests as they arrive; make them the star of the hour! Once they are done enjoying the dazzle of cameras and their clicks, provide a photo booth inside where guests can pose in front of fun backdrops. Keep shiny and glittery props that capture the sheen of the Oscars. Make sure guests get access to the digital copies of all their photos taken at the event. Your guests will love the whole experience!

How To Host An Oscars Style Red Carpet Event: 7 Super Tips

4. Welcome Drinks

As your guests arrive, welcome them with a signature cocktail or two featuring our favourite spirits like Tanqueray Gin, Johnnie Walker Scotch, and Don Julio Tequila. Craft a refreshing gin and tonic featuring Tanqueray No. 10, rimmed with lime and thyme for a herbaceous cocktail. Or stir up a scotch old-fashioned with the smoky complexity of Johnnie Walker Black Label. For a cocktail with a kick, mix Don Julio tequila with lime juice and agave nectar in a salty-spicy margarita. Or provide an assortment of iconic liquors and mixers to create a help-yourself cocktail station. The welcome drinks get the event started on a spirited note while the premium spirits give a taste of the upscale evening yet to come. Mix mocktails for guests who don’t drink liquor, featuring signature syrups like blue curacao, fruit syrups and mojito syrups. 

How To Host An Oscars Style Red Carpet Event: 7 Super Tips

5. The Spotlight Treatment

Give brief welcome speeches or toasts highlighting notable guests. Consider recognising a loyal customer, longtime vendor, or employee celebrating a work anniversary. Hand out silly superlative awards like "Best Dressed" or "Life of the Party" to guests. Have prizes like gift cards or fun trophies. Calling people up in front of the crowd makes them feel like a VIP. You can even have guests walk a mini red carpet to accept their award! Plus, capture moments of guests mingling, laughing, and enjoying themselves to share on social media later. Photobooth strips and party photos make great memories and let guests relive the night.  

How To Host An Oscars Style Red Carpet Event: 7 Super Tips

6. An Entertaining Evening

Keep your guests engaged all evening long with interactive elements so they don’t lose interest and check out early. Have music playing, clearing space for dancing, or consider live entertainment like a DJ, band, or roving performers. Set up games around the venue — think giant Jenga, improv performers, dance-offs or a game show. Offer extra entertainment like tarot card readings, magicians, or caricature artists. Switch up the music throughout the night to keep the energy going. Rotate food stations or change up the menu halfway through the event for an extra surprise, do make sure to tease a hint to keep your guests guessing. 

How To Host An Oscars Style Red Carpet Event: 7 Super Tips

7. Signature Event Décor

Visual touches enhance the luxury feel for guests. Drape ceiling pipes and chandeliers with flowing fabric. Accent tables with sequin linens, candelabras, and fresh floral centrepieces. Project moving light patterns around the space. Rent lounge furniture to create conversational spaces. Set up a champagne tower when the party hits its peak. Fill in empty wall space with framed photos of past events or guests. Signature décor elements tailored to your event theme give it a cohesive, upscale look worthy of its own red carpet-premiere.

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