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Hurricane Cocktail: A Classic Rum Cocktail To Stir Up The Night!

Hurricane Cocktail Recipe cover

Old-fashioned cocktails occupy a special place in every cocktail enthusiast's heart, offering a warm feeling with their classic flavour profile. The Hurricane Cocktail is one such traditional rum cocktail that never gets old. Although there are a dozen variations to the recipe today, the original is unbeatable. Read ahead to unveil the age-old Hurricane Cocktail recipe for home bartenders to experiment with and explore its delightful history!

Origins of A Timeless Rum Elixir

Origins of the HurricaneThe Hurricane Cocktail is a happy accident of demand and supply that occurred in the 1940s at Pat O’Briens’ bar in New Orleans. This simple yet mesmerising drink made of rum, lemon juice, and passion fruit syrup illustrates an important event.

After the Second World War, there was a shortage of Scotch whisky and bourbon, shortly after the Second World War. However, rum was in abundance. The spirit distributors contrived deals where the bar owner had to buy multiple bottles of rum to acquire one case of whisky. Whisky being the popular drink of that time, bars were stocking up their storage with rum.

To utilise the overflowing supply of rum, Benson “Pat” O’Brien and his partners came up with a rum cocktail recipe known as the Hurricane Cocktail. The cocktail unexpectedly became a hit, and the rest is history.

Original Hurricane Cocktail Recipe

Classic Hurricane
If you want to taste the unedited version of this cocktail at home, follow this recipe:

- 4 oz Gold Rum
- 2 oz of Fassionola - a kind of passion fruit syrup
- 2 oz fresh lemon juice

- Fill ⅔ of the shaker with ice and add in all the ingredients. Shake the ingredients thoroughly and pour them unstrained into the iconic Hurricane glass. Add ice and garnish as per your preferences.

Pre-Mixed Version of Hurricane Cocktail

Cocktail Enthusiasts
This recipe is served in O'Brien’s bar and other popular bars today. Bars often add their twist to this recipe for a fun invention.

- 2 oz of light and dark rum, each
- 2 oz of passion fruit syrup
- ½ oz of lemon juice
- 1 tablespoon grenadine
- 1 tablespoon simple syrup
- orange slice or cherry for garnish (optional)

- Shake all the listed ingredients (not the garnish) in a shaker with ice. Strain the mixture and pour it into a Hurricane glass filled with ice. Garnish the drink with cherry and orange slices for some more zest.

Innovative Hurricane Cocktail Twists for Cocktail Connoisseurs

For home bartenders looking for exquisite takes on the classic Hurricane Cocktail, these easy variations are perfect for you:

1. Hurricane Daiquiri
Replace the lemon juice with lime juice to make this drink. The combination of lime and passion fruit is a new take.

2. Missionary’s Downfall
This underrated rum cocktail recipe has pineapple, peach, and mint that add layers of flavour to the Hurricane.

3. 100-year Hurricane
This cocktail has various strong spirits like Chambord, orange liqueur, vodka, and coconut rum, so make sure to drink this on a full stomach!

Summing Up
Experimenting with your cocktails at home offers you a refreshing drinking experience. Ensure to follow the recipe precisely for the perfect Hurricane Cocktail. For more such recipes and information on different spirits, visit The Bar India!

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