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Menu Planning With Johnnie Walker For an Exciting Cocktail Party

Johnnie Walker Cocktails To Get Your Party Started

Johnnie Walker is a well-known Scotch whisky brand adored and cherished by whisky lovers. Johnnie Walker provides options for each whisky fan, from traditional blends to premium and exclusive brands. But did you know Johnnie Walker also creates the best cocktails? Here are some easy cocktail recipes to try:

Try These Easy Cocktail Recipes For Your Cocktail Party

1. The Ultimate Johnnie and Lemonade

JW perfect lemonade
The Johnnie Walker & Lemonade cocktail is a light, pleasant beverage made with Johnnie Walker Black Label Blended Scotch Whisky and lemon. It's ideal for individuals who like the strong, smoky flavours of Scotch whisky. In this cocktail, you will find a little sweetness and acidity. It’s an easy cocktail recipe that you can present to your guests.

- 50 ml of Johnnie Walker black label
- 150 ml lemonade
- Lemon Peel
- Mint leaf(optional)

- Gently pour 50 mL of Johnnie Walker Black Label over ice in a highball glass, allowing its rich flavours to unfold.
- Gradually introduce 150 mL of zesty lemonade to the mix.
- Give it a graceful stir, infusing the essence of the lemon peel, and present this refreshingly balanced concoction ready to be savoured.

2. A Drink for Every Season 

JW affogato is a rich and decadent dessert beverage that mixes the strong and smoky flavours of Johnnie Walker Scotch Whisky with the soft deliciousness of vanilla ice cream. It makes an excellent after-dinner drink or a delicious treat for a cocktail party.

- 35ml Black Label Johnnie Walker
- Espresso 25ml
- 1 pistachio ice cream scoop

- Mix a scoop of creamy pistachio ice cream with Johnnie Walker whisky and rich coffee, each filling half the glass.
- As you savour this unique combination, use a spoon to relish the flavours and textures that meld together in a truly delectable experience.

3. Johnnie Walker Rich & Smoky Manhattan 

JW rich & smoky Manhattan
The Johnnie Walker Rich & Smoky Manhattan is a variant of the classic Manhattan cocktail that uses Johnnie Walker Black Label Blended Scotch Whisky as the main component. This drink is best for Scotch whisky lovers who prefer strong and smoky flavours. It has the sweet taste and depth of a traditional Manhattan. This is one of the best cocktails that you must try.

- Johnnie Walker Black Label 50ml 
- Sweet Vermouth (25ml)
- A little bit of bitter Angostura

- Fill the mixing glass with cubed ice.
- Pour the Johnnie Walker into the mixing glass.
- Fill a mixing glass with Sweet vermouth accordingly.
- Pour a little bit of liqueur into a mixing glass.
- Pour into a chilled coupette after stirring.
- Finish with a dried walnut to add depth of flavour.

4. Boulevardier Dark Toffee

Dark Toffee Boulevardier
The Johnnie Walker Dark Toffee Boulevardier drink is a rich and savoury version of the original Boulevardier that uses Johnnie Walker Scotch Whisky as the base alcohol. This drink is ideal for fans of Scotch whisky's strong and smoky flavours and the bitter and floral overtones of a traditional Boulevardier.

- 25ml Black Label Johnnie Walker 
- 25ml Aperitif Bitter
- Sweet Vermouth (25ml)
- One-fourth of fig

- Begin by placing a generous amount of cubed ice filling the mixing glass halfway.
- Next, smoothly pour the Johnnie Walker into the same glass.
- Proceed by adding the Bitter aperitif and Sweet vermouth into the mixture.
- Give it a thorough stir to let the flavours blend elegantly.
- Pour this mixture into a rock glass filled with rough-cut ice, and finally, add a quarter of a fig to enhance the flavours.

Make the best cocktail at home using Johnnie Walker!

Creating your drink is an exciting and fun experience. You can make it with imagination and experiments. You can make up a unique and tasty cocktail at home that suits your preferences. It is a pleasant experience that allows you to express your artistic talents. With the correct ingredients and creativity, you can make the best cocktails to amaze your visitors or fulfil your desires.

For more information and tips, you can reach out to The Bar. We will provide many amazing party ideas that excite your guests.