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Lyrical Libations: Six Cocktails Inspired By Song Lyrics

Cocktails Inspired By Song Lyrics

Haters gonna hate, says Taylor Swift and there is nothing better than shaking it off with a delicious cocktail inspired by the wonderful lyrics of pop music and country tunes. Cocktail craft is about mixing spirits and ingredients that move you and motivate you to get creative. It is unsurprising then that so many cocktails are derived from artworks, movies, actors, characters and songs from around the world that have gained widespread popularity and acclaim. Lyrical cocktails pay homage to some of the greatest artists and musicians who have expanded a global musical canon and added a spark to the music scene.

These lyrical libations then often borrow from verses or lines in a song or even an artist whose works are a strong statement about love, ambition, a fighting spirit and even revolt. From Rolling Stones to Madonna, all artists topping billboards have been an inspiration for mixologists to come up with inventive recipes celebrating their music.

Read on below to know more about the cocktails that have been inspired by songs and lyrics:

Like A Virgin

If you like Madonna, you know her music has really revolutionised the way we understand both song and poetry. Like A Virgin is indeed inspired by Madonna and involves putting together vodka, lime juice, cointreau and cranberry that would invoke the fiery love which the artist’s song ignites every time you listen to the hit.

Sex On The Beach

This cocktail concoction can actually be traced to the Rolling Stones song which is so utterly inviting and seductive, just like the drink. Sex on the beach is a blend of vodka, peach schnapps and cranberry and would definitely remind one of the rather ‘peachy’ lyrics that make up the song of this incredible band. The cocktail is very bright and colourful, much like the spirit of the song.

Cinnamon Toast Cocktail

There’s a lot of songs out there inspired by the American singer-songwriter Lana Del Ray who is known for her brilliant works which explore her romantic and rather melancholic music style. A cinnamon toast cocktail does feel so ideal to dive into these rather warming emotions inspired by her song, Radio which talks about a sweet life like cinnamon as though it were a dream. The cocktail is a soothing blend of apple cider, spiced rum and cinnamon and carries a really sweet and spicy touch reminiscent of a rather bittersweet melancholic love.

Think Out Loud

Just like the Ed Sheeran song, this cocktail is immersed in the feelings of love and romance the artist always inspires in his fans. The cocktail is a spin on a classic rum smash and involves mixing white rum with lime juice, simple syrup and a bit of strawberry to invoke some soft notes of love. You can also add a tinge of basil to the recipe so the cocktail exudes an intense but fresh flavour profile.

Tequila Sunrise

The Eagles song released in 1973 became instrumental not only in fortifying the presence of tequila cocktails in mixology craft but also birthed a vibrant cocktail which symbolised the transient nature of love and the spirit of moving on. The cocktail has become quite a classic and can be made using a premium Don Julio Reposado blended with orange juice and grenadine. Just like the Eagles song is an explosion of emotion so too the cocktail with its distinct tang and citrusy notes lights up the tongue with its exquisite taste.

It’s A Love Story

A cocktail story is indeed incomplete without Taylor Swift who is known for inspiring her fair share of drinks. Love Story became such a hit that a cocktail reminiscent of this song carries the tangy, citrusy and sweet notes of romance introduced in the drink using tequila, prosecco, aperol and freshly squeezed orange juice. This is a vibrant drink with a happy buzz, just like the song which has the most romantic and happiest ending.

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