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Mocktail Garnish Delights: Add Touch of Edible Flowers To Your Cocktails

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It is said that good cuisine is first savoured through the eyes before it reaches the palate. This is why garnishing is considered an art rather than a formality. With their captivating aroma and eye-catching presence, flowers can convert any regular dish to a party menu special. But how can you invoke this magic on your party theme? To unveil this secret, let’s see how edible flowers can make their way to your favourite garnish items.

Garnishing Ideas Sprouted: Elevate Your House Party with Edible Flowers

Some of the best edible flowers for your cocktail party are as follows.

1. Calendula

Calendula is the most famous edible flower used for various purposes since ancient times. The flower is well known for its rich antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. The bright yellow colour of Calendula not only makes the dish attractive but also tasty and healthy. The Calendula flower is mainly used for soups and salads. The Calendula petals can also garnish cocktails to give them a merry and beautiful touch.

2. Hibiscus

Hibiscus is a widely used and easily available flower. The big bright red petals of the flower have the potential to make any food look extremely welcoming and gorgeous. The flower tastes cranberry-like and can be added to bar drinks like Gin, Vodka or Tonic water.

3. Roses

How can we miss this utterly romantic and beautiful flower? Well, this flower must be on your list for garnishing. Rose petals taste sweet, perfect for garnishing over your party desserts or decorate over drinks and cocktails.  You can add it to jams and mocktails to enhance the sweetness and beauty of the delicacy. 

4. Lavender

Lavender is known for its rich therapeutic fragrance. It can be a great addition to garnish Cocktails and Herbal tea. It infuses a fine fragrance and sweet flavour into Cocktails, herbal Mocktails and party desserts. The Lavender can also be dried and used as a powder for adding fresh fragrance to delicacies.

5. Pansies

Pansies are tiny flowers that give out a cheerful look. These small flowers grow in colours of white, indigo and yellow. Their small size and design make them a perfect garnishing ingredient for cupcakes, soups and cocktails. The flower can also decorate the plates, adding happy vibes!

6. Carnations

Carnations have a tingly and peppery flavour. Due to this property, the French used these in liquor in ancient times. These flowers can make a great taste addition to ice creams and cakes. The small pearls of Carnation enhance the flavour of Wine and Cocktails.

When we think about flowers, we instantly dive into the beauty and aroma they bring to this world. With a domain full of diversity, there are endless shapes, sizes, fragrances, and textures that flowers can offer to your house party. These aromatic flowers are perfect for giving your party delicacies a festive and cheerful look. So add a touch of fragrance to your Party menu, making it beautiful and tasty. For more information on party ideas, Party themes, best bar drinks and delicacies, head straight to The Bar.

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