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Mocktail Recipe 101: Flavourful Drinks Without Alcohol Buzz

Mocktail Recipe 101 Flavourful Drinks Cover

Interested in crafting refreshing drinks without the buzz of alcohol? Mocktails are what you need! These flavourful drinks have all the right ingredients, and delicious taste and are alcohol-free. This means you can sip to your heart’s content and relish your moments with their indulgent flavours. If you want to know more about these drinks, we have all the information you need to craft perfect mocktail recipes.

Mocktail Recipes 101: Tips To Craft Alcohol-Free Drinks

1. Use fresh fruits

If you want to craft flavour-packed mocktails, use fresh ingredients. Fruits like apples, melons, avocados, pineapples, papayas, grapes, kiwis etc., are available all year round and they are great additions for mocktail recipes. Additionally, you can use delicious seasonal fruits like berries, cherries, mangoes, lychees, etc., for indulgent mocktails.

2. Use homemade sweeteners

Fruits are naturally sweet however, if you want to add additional sweeteners, always do it yourself. Homemade simple syrup recipes are quick and easy to make. This will surely elevate your mocktail mixology!

3. Use alcohol-free spirits for elevated taste

Do you want to sip Gin and Tonic, but without the alcoholic buzz? Opt for alcohol-free gins. Many brands offer non-alcoholic alternatives to their spirits. This way, you can savour the same taste, without the kick of alcohol. From gins to beer to whisky, there are plenty of options to choose from.

4. Don’t forget the herbs and spices

Want to spice up your drinks? Love aromatic concoctions? Use fresh or dehydrated herbs and spices for enhanced mocktail recipes. Cinnamon, nutmeg, cardamom, all-spices, and black pepper are some of the commonly used spices in mocktail recipes. Fresh herbs like mint, basil, thyme, rosemary etc. are some of the herbs that you can use in your concoctions. The spicy twist in your mocktail recipes will surely leave your taste buds tingling. 

5. Experiment with flavour combinations

Don’t just stick to classic recipes. Experiment with different flavour combinations and find your signature drinks. Spruce up your concoction with various ingredients that are at your disposal like herbs, spices, seasonal fruits, vegetables, and pickled olives.

Now that you are well aware of the tips and tricks of crafting delightful mocktails at home, here are a few recipes for you to try:

Virgin Mary Mocktail Recipe

Here’s a twist to the classic vodka cocktail. Made with fresh tomato juice, the Virgin Mary mocktail is the perfect brunch drink. Here’s a simple mocktail recipe for you:


- Tomato Juice - 90ml

- Fresh Lemon Juice - 15ml

- Tabasco Sauce - 2 dashes

- Worcestershire Sauce - 1 dash

- Celery Salt - 1 teaspoon

- Celery Stalk - 1

- Ground Black Pepper

- Pickled Veggies 

- Ice


- Grab a highball glass and fill it with ice

- Measure and pour fresh tomato juice and lemon juice into the glass over the ice

- Using a bar spoon, stir the ingredients to combine

- Next, add the sauces and spices - Tabasco, Worcestershire, salt and pepper. 

- Stir again to combine. 

- Garnish with pickled veggies, olives and a celery stalk.

Virgin Mojito Mocktail Recipe

A twist to the classic, virgin mojito mocktail is a refreshing mix made using mint, simple syrup and fresh lime juice. Topped with soda water, this mojito mocktail packs a fusion of flavours that will leave your senses rejuvenated! Here’s the simple virgin mojito mocktail recipe for you.


- Mint Leaves - Handful

- Simple Syrup - 15ml

- Fresh Lime Juice - 30ml

- Soda Water - top-up

- Mint Sprig - 1

- Lemon Wheel - 1


- Grab a cocktail shaker and add some mint leaves to it. Gently muddle the mint leaves. Be careful not to crush the leaves too much as they can turn bitter. 

- Fill the shaker with ice.

- Next, add freshly squeezed lime juice and simple syrup. 

- Shake vigorously to combine the ingredients.

- Strain the drink into a tall glass filled with ice.

- Top it off with soda water.

- Garnish with a wheel of lime and a mint sprig.

Shirley Temple Mocktail Recipe

Shirley Temple is a classic mocktail recipe that’s loved by many. It’s visually appealing and absolutely delicious to taste. The delectable mix of grenadine, fresh lime, and ginger ale will tantalise your taste buds. Here’s the Shirley Temple mocktail recipe for you to try:


- Grenadine - 15 ml

- Lime Juice - 8ml

- Ginger Ale - 150ml

- Maraschino cherries - 2-4

- Ice


- To begin the Shirley Temple mocktail, first, grab a Collins glass and fill it with ice.

- Measure and pour grenadine into the glass over the ice.

- Next, add freshly squeezed lime juice to the glass

- Top the drink with ginger ale.

- Give it a gentle stir to combine the ingredients. 

- Garnish with maraschino cherries and serve chilled!

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