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Mocktails That Are Perfect To Welcome The Season Of Spring

Spring drinks

Spring is nature’s way of throwing a party to which everyone is invited. And what better way to join in than with a lineup of zesty and unique mocktails? These aren’t your run-of-the-mill, overly sweet concoctions. No, we’re talking fresh, mostly natural mixes that truly capture the mood of spring with a twist of fun, of course. From the underrated rhubarb to the pretty lavender, there’s something for everyone to get behind in this curated selection of mocktails. 

Rhubarb Rendezvous

Rhubarb is often overlooked, but it has its signature tartness to offer that can transform a run-of-the-mill drink into something boutique. In the Rhubarb Rendezvous, simmer rhubarb with honey to create a syrup. Cool it, then mix it with apple cider vinegar and sparkling water. You have a mocktail that balances sweet, tart, and fizzy, reminiscent of those early spring dawns.

Cool as a Cucumber Elderflower Elixir

For something simple yet chic, the Cool as a Cucumber Elderflower Elixir is your go-to. Muddle some cucumber slices with elderflower cordial and add a splash of Gordon’s Tonic Water along with a few slivers of ginger root. Finish off with a squeeze of lime, and this light yet floral crowd-pleaser is ready. 

Green Pea and Basil Binge

Hear us out. The Green Pea & Basil Binge is spring in a surprising sip that goes well beyond your usual berries and citruses. Blend fresh green peas with a hint of basil; they taste better if fresh out of a spring garden. Strain and mix with a bit of simple syrup and a hint of lemon juice for more dimension. It’s unconventional, green, and screams spring. 

Lavender Fields Forever Lemonade

Next, let's take a detour through purple lavender fields with the Lavender Fields Forever Lemonade. Blend fresh lemon juice with homemade lavender syrup (it’s super easy to make, and for those who prefer agave, it works here too!). Add a splash of Gordon’s Tonic Water, and voilà, you've got yourself a floral dream that wakes you up just in time for summer.

The Timeless Orange Delight

Start with a base of fresh orange juice, the kind that carries the colour of the spring sun. Add a dash of carrot juice for earthiness and a hint of ginger for a subtle kick. Top it with sparkling water and garnish with a sprig of thyme. Your spring morning just got sunnier!

Grapefruit Rosemary Refresher

 And finally, the showstopper. Here, the sweet and sourness of fresh grapefruit juice meets a sprig of rosemary and a hint of your favourite sweetener; we prefer agave syrup for a natural feel. Top it off with Johnnie Walker Refreshing Mixer for that fizz.


Whether you’re toasting to longer, brighter days, blooming flowers, or just the excitement of a new season, these drinks welcome the whimsy of spring.


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