Novelty Glassware For Cocktails: Yay Or Nay?

novelty glassware

Let's talk about something that's been causing a stir in the cocktail world lately: novelty glassware. In case you have not come across one yet, we mean those quirky, sometimes plain bizarre containers that seem to be the rage on Instagram. And now, they have opened the floor to a debate: do funky glasses enhance the cocktail experience, or are they merely a gimmick?
Picture this: You are sipping a Don Julio Blanco Margarita from a glass that's shaped like a cactus with no thorns. Intriguing, right? But this is where things start getting complicated. While some argue that these unconventional glasses add an element of fun, purists maintain they distract from the drink’s essence. A cocktail, after all, is supposed to be a delicate balance of flavours, and does the glass shape not influence this?

novelty glassware
On one hand, novelty glassware can be a great conversation starter. For those who find themselves reaching for their phones too much, it is a visual treat that makes the experience more 'instagrammable'. For instance, a velvety single malt served in a glass that enhances its fragrance is bound to be a sensory party. And isn't joy exactly what one seeks in a cocktail?
But then, some people like to think of the functional (read: boring) side of things. These glasses can often be impractical, hard to store, hard to clean, and, apparently, even harder to sip from. Nobody wants to be the person responsible for broken glass on the dance floor. Therefore, perhaps we can all agree that a drinking experience should not be spoiled by the struggle to navigate its container. There can only be one star here: the drink.
Here's a sobering take: the glassware should probably say something about the drink itself. A classic cocktail like a Johnnie Walker Black Label Old Fashioned commands attention and patience is often served best in traditional glassware that reflects its rich heritage. Yet, a playful mix like a Captain Morgan Spiced Rum Punch might find its glassware match in something more lifelike, something shaped like a bird.

novelty glassware
For those who prefer their drinks spirit-free, novelty glassware can still bring the party. A vibrant mocktail in a quirky glass is a celebration in itself—all the flavours, none of the alcohol.
So, what’s the verdict on novelty glassware? Is it a cheer or a jeer?
Well, we prefer to be a Neutral Nancy on this one because it is not a simple yes or no. Do you need something extra special for an after-dark bash? Bring out the cactuses. But if it's a chill evening with friends, maybe those classic, understated glasses are what you need. It's about the right time, the right drink, and what you're in the mood for. Basically, there is a time and place for everything, and we leave the ultimate decision to your wisdom.